Rachel: Retro Glam! (Pesach Edition)

Here at Wrapunzel, one topic we get questions about time and time again is how one goes about matching tichels to their outfits. While some choose their outfit first, others  start with a scarf and many more are “switch hitters”, so to speak, alternating between the two. Most days I definitely fall into that last category, going with the flow and waiting for inspiration to strike.

However, last week, with the first night of Pesach quickly approaching, I had an awesome minimalist dress (my husband’s choice) to start with and absolutely no clue what to pair it with. The end result was a look that I got more compliments on than almost any I’ve worn before and its simplicity is truly what made it a FABULOUS tichel. At our Seder, my family simply adored it!

One Scarf Challenge – Yeah!

So, where did I start? Well, given that any color can go with black, I had a totally blank canvas- one that almost anything in my extensive tichel-wardrobe would match. This might sound like a good thing, but I felt totally intimidated and had no clue which direction to go! Alas, I had to start somewhere and my first attempt was what is almost always my fancy outfit go-to: The Shimmery. I tried a Layered Waterfall Twist using blues… then pewter and black… and then mulberry. Yet, they all felt too “loud” to go with this dress. Liking the idea of something sparkly, I moved on to my trusty green Shiny-licious, tied in a Chignon. While the green did then inspire other parts of my outfit, the scarf itself still felt like it was too much and did not match my rather subdued pre-Pesach mood.

It was then that inspiration struck and my epiphany happened: What I needed was a simple black Silky Square! Given that it’s not an oblong-shaped scarf and is therefore out of my comfort zone, I knew that my options for tying it would be limited, but this was exactly what I needed. Not to mention that its sheen matched my dress perfectly! Before putting it on my head, I added an olive drab jacket and matching suede boots (Thanks to that green Shiny-licious’ inspiration!), adding a slightly-edgy touch and bringing me closer to what ultimately became this completed look:

Now came the most important part- tying on this luxurious-feeling scarf and adding accessories! With a simple side-knot, my husband told me that I was looking like a retro movie starlet, so I knew that the finishing touches would have to match. Pearls seemed like an obvious choice (and are a personal favorite of mine), so I added my Galaxy Glimmer Pin, vintage pearl necklace and some over-the-top sparkly Art Deco-era earrings (clip-ons, no less!). In a previous lifetime, I might never have mixed gold and silver together like this, but rarely concern myself anymore with committing “fashion faux pas.”.



Well, Wrapunzelistas, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! For those celebrating Pesach, I wish you a chag kasher v’sameach! If you Wrapunzelistas are up for it, tell me, which do you choose first? Your outfit or your tichel? I’d love to hear all about the process you use in the comments section below this post!


Naomi Rose: Deep Ocean – a tribute


This photo was taken a year and half ago (!) when Andrea and I visited Israel together. We had a meet-up in the Old City of Jerusalem with an amazing group of wrapping enthusiasts. The scarf I’m wearing here was called Deep Ocean, and it was on the Wrapunzel store at the time… briefly. After it sold out we thought we’d never see it again.

But lo and behold! 18 months later we finally tracked down more of them, and you can find them here!

I’m celebrating by wearing mine again, in a Zahava Chignon. Hooray!

My New Favourite Wrap!

I came up with this awesome wrap right before Shabbat and loved it so much that I wore it the next day.  It’s a perfect princess-y wrap that is great for the summer weather.  And you don’t need any volume at the back to do it!  I love how it’s casual and fancy at the same time… definitely a go-to for me!  It’s a pretty easy wrap to do, but let me know if you want a tutorial!  I love how the first scarf hangs down the back, peeking through the Lovely Lace!

This was Friday night!

And this was Shabbat day (Saturday)!

Here’s how:

Ooooo just so perfect for summer!  Love it!  Let me know what you think!

The DT – Double Twist!

Check out this new ‘twist’ on The DB (double braid!)  It’s so easy and loved how the colors blended together with the twisting technique!  And for those that don’t braid on Shabbat, this is a great solution!

I wore this to a family reunion so these are a few cropped photos of how it looked on me!  Wearing three 2 in 1s in turquoise, brown, and teal 🙂

What colors do you think YOU will try this with?  Can’t wait to see your gorgeous blended combos!

Being Silly!

Good morning to you all!  Thought I’d switch it up and post a goofy photo of my tichel today.  I’m wearing my Watercolor Dream (seriously, am I ever gonna get tired of this tichel?) wrapped up in a Yael ‘do.  I love how you can really see the wrap with this scarf… definitely gonna do this again!

Photo on 6-23-15 at 10.40 AM
Gooooooood morning!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!  Sending lots of love, hugs, and giggles! ❤

It’s a Beautiful Signature Day!

It’s hottttttt outside… like, 33 degrees Celcius and humid sort of hot!  This morning I took one look at my tichel collection and felt an intense calling coming from my signature scarf – I haven’t worn it in over a month!  How did that happen?

Signature Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg Signature Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg Signature Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

I did a Yael wrap and WOWZA!!  I just fell in love with this tichel allll over again!

Can you see the intense burn on my upper forehead?  That’s from Sunday when I was silly and stayed out in the sun during our community kid’s orchestra concert.  Learn from my mistakes y’all… tichel sunburns are NOT attractive!

I hope this inspires all of you to whip out your Wrapunzel Signature Scarves… seriously, I completely forgot how awesome it is!  I have a feeling it may end up on my head again tomorrow 😛

Love, Andrea

What makes YOU shine?

You know, it’s funny, I sometimes get so focused on coming up with new and exciting wraps that I forget to wear the colors and styles that are really ‘me’.  As much fun as it is to invent new things, it is wonderful to fall back on a wrap that is truly classic and perfectly suited to the woman that I hope to be.  Do you ever have experiences like this?  For me it felt like stepping back into a warm bath; I just felt so natural and comfortable in my skin.

I wore this to the Chabad Gala tonight and just felt so at home, even though I was the only one there in a tichel.  (Actually that may not be true, I think I may have glimpsed one other lady in a scarf, but am not sure.)  And no sillies, I can’t afford to go to something like that as an actual guest!  I was there playing the cello, hence the mostly black outfit 🙂

Anyway, I digress!  This is what I find works best for me style-wise:
– Royal colors
– A bit of bing, but nothing too flashy
– Lots of volume, but not near my face.  I like volume at the back of my head, in a nice and round halo shape
– Hanging tails, but not too long
– Layers, but not with extreme angles

Teal shimmery WrapunzelSo… what do you think?  What styles work best for YOU? Are you a refined one scarf woman?  Do you shine most with bright colors and fun patterns?  Do angles and contrast work best for you?  Or do sophisticated appliques an sparkles make you the most beautiful?  What about volume?  High, low, round, tall, big, small, or nada?  Can’t wait to hear your responses!

Love, Andrea

A Pleasant Tichel Surprise!

This morning was definitely one of those “run around and throw on whatever catches your eye first” kind of mornings.  It was only later in the afternoon when my husband saw me and said, “Wow I think that is one of my favourite tichels that I’ve seen you wear.  Ever.” that I realized that I actually had something pretty nice going on!  The combination of the Sari Scarf with the Israeli Tichel was nice enough… but the angled sequin headband just made it super awesome!

Wrapunzel Sari Scarf with Israeli Tichel and Sequin Headband

I’m so excited because we finally (finally!) found more sequin headbands for y’all… and they are going to knock the ball out of the park!  Can’t wait to share them with you!  (Hopefully early next week!)

Wrapunzel Sari Scarf with Israeli Tichel and Sequin Headband

Have you ever had a “tichel surprise” like this happen to you?  Like, when you don’t even remember putting it on and then later in the day you are surprised to find out that there’s actually something pretty fantastic going on there?  It definitely made me smile to realize!

All my love,

Ain’t Sorry for Lovin My Saris!

It’s amazing… once you’ve mastered the technique of trying a sari (I know that there’s a learning curve there… but keep trying!  You’ll get it!) – it’s really the easiest go-to scarf!  I don’t have to fold it to fit my head… and even when I mess up the layers it still looks great and intricate.  I can really wear just one and it feels like I’ve done so much!  And if you choose a perfect color by your face, no one will notice you’re not wearing any makeup!  (Right ladies?!  Ok, don’t tell me if you do notice 😛 )  Here are some sari looks that I’ve been rocking lately.

The navy:

The sandy beach:

The dark earth:

And the bright teal:

“Andrea seriously, how many saris do you have?!”

I get this question a lot, and the answer is that it changes all the time!  Currently I think I have around 10, but none of them are the same ones that I had last year!  I tend to pass them on to people off of my head!  This is a common occurrence at Wrapunzel shows; often someone will fall in love with a sari I’m wearing and beg me for it. If I feel like I’ve used it enough, I’ll give it a new home.  Spreading the sari love!  (And it’s a good excuse for me to get another to replace it!)

Wanna learn the story behind the Wrapunzel scarf?
And how to wrap it?
This is my favourite way to tie it!
And we LOVE the sari sash!  Here is how to tie it!

Wishing you all so much bracha and happiness!  Enjoy your colors!
xo Love Andrea

Naomi Rose: It’s Easy Being Green!

IMG_3199Spring weather is FINALLY starting to hit upstate New York, so I had to celebrate with some spring colors and an outfit post!

This is the famed Liezl Wrap, with a 2-in-1, sari sash, and a lace sash added in at the front just for detail. That blue floral silk is just one wide panel of the sari sash – I love experimenting with them so that some colors show quite a bit and others are much more subtle! In this case I liked featuring the blue and green strips, since they were reflected in my shirt.

(click on the smaller pictures to see them in a larger size!)


One challenge with pastels and other spring colors for fair-skinned ladies like me is to not look washed out. Light pink, for example, just won’t work next to my face. But the slightly richer, cooler range of pastels (greens and turquoises) is just perfect!

How do you like to wear spring colors?

Naomi Rose: The Sunshine goes Outside!


Ever since we found the lovely Sunshine (wrapunzel.com/shop/sunshine) I’ve been longing to photograph it in its natural element! The blue/yellow version of this tichel often gets the lion’s share of attention since it looks so fantastic on our model, Yael. But for me, the grey/black version of Sunshine is just perfect! It’s dappled with light and dark like the shadows of a sunlit forest. I like patterns but don’t do so well with vivid contrasts, so this scarf is right up my alley.

I felt like Pocahontas in this awesome tall grass. lol!


These were taken on a little local hiking trail where my husband and I went to get some fresh air and quality time. It was BEAUTIFUL!


To make this wrap, I paired the grey/black Sunshine with a purple 2-in-1 and the Vintage Beauty headband. Everything was so lightweight and comfortable – perfect for being out and about.

What do you love to wear on your head for active days?

Living Paradox: Thank You Mr. Spock – and a Trekkie Tichel :)

The Star Trek character Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy who passed away last week, has had a profound impact on my life.  Thank you Mr. Spock and Leonard Nimoy for helping for teaching me how to live in the paradox of this world.  Here’s the story:

My Husband’s Fashion Sense

So my hubby saw this new Shiny Licious color last week and was like “Andrea you have to get this for yourself!”
Me – “Wha-really? But you don’t like when I wear black!”
Yonatan – “First of all you look beautiful in black, but this one is really more gold!”
I got it, and yesterday he saw it in my closet and said, “That one would really look great with your gold roses headband!”
So I took the hint, and this morning he took one look at me and commented on how lovely it looked, and then said, “Wait wait wait a minute – YOU are listening to MY tichel advice?!?!”
Wonders never cease 🙂 He does have good taste though, don’t you think?

Shabbat White ~ (with a little Canadian thrown in!)

I was so happy with my Shabbat tichel that I wore it on Friday night AND Saturday during the day!  I don’t know why I’ve never tried putting the white shimmery and white shinylicious together before… they were made for each other!  And of course I couldn’t help adding some lace to top it off!

It's so pretty!!!
It’s so pretty!!!

I only realized later that the dark red and white colours (that’s right, it’s coloUrs :P) made me look very Canadian.  I’m not one to tout my nationality, but it definitely made me smile!

For those that are wondering… I do attempt to wear white on Shabbat when I can.  My husband wears all white (yes, even the shoes!) so it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up, but I at least don’t wear black on Shabbat.  The white reminds us that on this day we are elevated, ethereal, and closer to the infinite than during the week.  I must admit, that wearing white tichels and clothing truly reminds me of this, and I hope to do it more often!

How do you feel about wearing white?

Love, Andrea