Glasses /O-O


This is a video made for those of us that wear glasses!  Here I have answered some commonly asked questions, as well as sharing some of my experiences on wearing glasses with tichels, shopping tips and special considerations.  Enjoy and happy glasses (and tichel) wearing!

14 thoughts on “Glasses /O-O

  1. Velma

    This is wonderful! I have worn glasses for 35 years and have been covering for almost 2 years now. I have been getting headaches from the pressure of my glasses against my head with all of the “stuff”. I will try wearing the glasses over the velvet band and the volumizer and see how that works.


  2. I have been avoiding my glasses since I started covering full time recently….but I might give them a try. I do like those clear glasses though. I might try to find something similar when I purchase my next pair!


  3. Thanks for the tip about putting the the glasses over the velvet headband…I wore a tichel to our Greek festival yesterday and I had a lot of pain in one ear due to the pressure from my glasses.


  4. Annie

    I use metal snap hair clips right where my glasses sit on my ears and they keep the hair from coming out when I take my glasses off. If I don’t I always have little tufts of hair right there. I just snap them right onto the scarf gripper.


  5. ilana

    I can’t stand anything touching my glasses, so I use bobby pins to pull the scarf up right over my ears so that my scarves don’t touch the ends of the earpieces at all. I’ve changed glasses during the time I’ve been covering and it’s funny and frustrating how different glasses sit differently on my ears and make me need to experiment for a while to get my scarves to sit just right and not touch my glasses. My first pair hardly bothered me at all and I didn’t need to pin my scarves much. My current pair has very long earpieces, so I need slightly more work to make my scarf, glasses, and head not hate each other 🙂 but I manage. If I wrap more than one layer, the second layer is often fine as is because it’s not as close to my head or glasses, but if it’s not, I just try to wrap it slightly more at an angle or farther back. I also never cover my ears with my scarves.


  6. I don’t have the velvet hairband or volumizer yet (they are in the mail – yay). I wear glasses for reading, close work, and to see small details (i.e. scratches, slivers, etc.). It will be interesting to see how I get on with my glasses once I get the rest of my underpinnings. As it is now, whenever I put my reading glasses, or sunglasses on with my tichel, my glasses dig into the sides of my head, and then when I take them off, my tichel loosens – very frustrating! I’m looking forward to being able to tie my tichel behind my ears. When I drive, I use a bluetooth headset, and that poses an even weirder issue.


  7. Heidi

    I get glasses SUPER cheap through I wear bifocals, actually progressives, and my favorite glasses (also the ones that I get the most compliments on!) are red also–and complete with progressives and shipping cost me just over $50. I don’t make money off publicizing that–but if you get them there, you can afford more Tichels and jewelry! LOL.

    Thanks for another great video!


  8. Diana Kolata

    Awesome I just not good doing that during the day feels as the Tichel starts loosing it and get more loose covering my ears I had many surgeries in my right hand and really hurts my arm having it up and also Asperger Syndrome I hope I can do mine as yours, that will be awesome, I also wear glasses I like them all but the first ones really look good on you, thank you for sharing.


  9. Debbie Andrick

    How did you tie the tichel in this video? It looks amazing with very little poof in the back. (I kept wanting you to turn completely around!) Please explain this one….


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