Royal Twist

So beautiful.  So easy!  You’ll need a long rectangular scarf for this one.  The scarf I’m using in the video was an anniversary gift from my husband… thank you!  I find that this one works best for the shape of my face.  Make sure that one side is longer than the other one before you criss-cross at the back.  The longer side will be the one that you twist over your head (as shown in the video).  Experiment with the placement of the twist… try it closer to the front as well as farther back.

(Music – Chopin Ballade #4)

6 thoughts on “Royal Twist

  1. I am looking for more scarves to layer together. For now, I usually wear a single, so I DO appreciate this particular video! What is the black headband/covering that you wear underneath your outer coverings? I’m thinking this would help to hold my covering in place and keep it from slipping. Thanks for your responses! Wrapunzel is my favorite blog! Very creative, resourceful and brings an artsy flair to a daily act I consider quite honoring! Todah!


    1. I wear a velvet headband called a “wig grip comfort band”.. you should definitely get one! Your wraps won’t budge! Take a moment to watch the “Beginner’s Guide” on here – you will get lots of tips there!


  2. Tonia

    Andrea I love all of your videos, I am thinking of becoming a Jewish woman is because I do dress with modesty but when I was younger I decided to get a tattoo wich was a big mistake and another thing is I can’t have kids and I’m 52


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