A Peek Into a Wrapunzelista’s Awesome Closet!

This is Zehava C.!
This is Zehava C.!

Meet Zehava C., at bonafide Wrapunzelista!  We love with her wraps and always wondered how she organized her tichels.  Well… here it is – WOW!  This is basically every Wrapunzel woman’s fantasy land!  Thank you Zehava for the fantastic storage inspiration!

An Overview of all the prettiness!  Those are pashminas and other heavier weight long scarves (like saris) on the bar
An Overview of all the prettiness! Those are pashminas and other heavier weight long scarves (like saris) on the bar
Tichel pins!
Tichel pins!
2 in 1s
2 in 1s
More accessories
More accessories
And gorgeous lightweight scarves
And gorgeous lightweight scarves

Wow!  Who else wants to take a shopping trip in Zehava’s closet?  (*raises hand!)

A Beautiful Article About Yours Truly

I am so moved by this beautiful article written about my story and the Wrapunzelution!   This is from a paper in Lakewood NJ (Lakewood Shopper).  Thank you Fradl for putting that which is so hard to talk about into words!

Here is the link to the online pdf: http://www.flipdocs.com/showbook.aspx?ID=10006519_399847&P=84

(Click on the first photo to see the gallery and read the article, you may want to zoom in on your screen.)

The Headband Secret Tutorial!

It’s long been talked about that headbands can add a beautiful layer to your headwrap with minimal bulk and almost zero effort… but I’ve never tried putting on 6 headbands at a time before!  Can you believe I’m only wearing one scarf in the photo below?  LOVE the result!

The Headband Secret Wrapunzel

On the Wrapunzel Store site, we call these babies “The Headband Secret”!  They’re perfect stretchy cotton and they don’t budge once in place!

Here’s the tutorial!

Mmmmm Brahms!

wrapunzel andrea grinberg

Since posting the photo of the tichel I wore for a concert, I’ve been subtly (and not so subtly) urged to post a video of the recital it was from!  Well, the videos are finally up!  If you have the time, definitely read my husband’s writing on the piece – it’s incredible.  Obviously listening to all four movements (the whole piece) in a row is best, but if you must choose one, please listen to the 3rd movement because it has the most awesome cello solo ever!  (And it’s a love song.)

First Movement:

Second Movement:

Third and Fourth Movements:

Wedding Wear! Mazal Tov!!

I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday; the daughter of an incredible family we are close with got married!  It truly was an occasion.  Of course I made sure to take some photos of outfit and tichel inspiration!  First I want to show you this dress that I got from eshakti.com… a lady on the Wrapunzel facebook page recommended it and I was very impressed!  (Nope, I’m not getting anything from them for making this post – just want to share the awesomeness!)  A lot of their dresses can be customized to all kinds of modesty standards, and they really value their individual customers – a truly special website!  I’m going to share this post with them to encourage more dresses that a customizable for different tzniut (modesty) standards, so everyone please leave a comment on this post telling them that this would be a good idea!!

Here is the dress!  (With the % discount they had featured and $25 first timers discount it came out to a whooping $30 with all the customization!)

And here is the inspirational Rivka Malka!  We are loving this dress she has… she got it in Israel.  We really want to just make it in every single colour… maybe in the future this dream will come true!  Both of our outfits were just made to move in, and if any of you have ever been to an orthodox Jewish wedding you’ll know that crazy dancing is essential!  We always make sure that our outfits and tichels can withstand lots of this!

And of course, some close ups of our tichels!  I’m wearing two “THE Shimmery” scarves – the gold one that you’ll all recognize from my collection that I’ve had for years, and a new navy one – they all WILL be available on the new store site!!  You can imagine how ecstatic I was when we found them for you!  And Rivka Malka is rocking the leopard print with a sparkly headband and sash!  Awesome!

What do you wear to weddings?  We want to hear from you!   And please also leave a comment here telling eshakti.com that we would love more modest dresses from them!

Love, Andrea

Wrapunzel Goals!

Hi Everyone!  My husband and I are making a cross country move this week after house sitting (and living out of boxes) for the last two months.  This is why I haven’t been able to create new videos, and you may have seen some repetitive daily wraps… my recording space is non-existent and most of my scarves are packed away!  That being said, I have been thinking a lot about your requests, ideas, and suggestions… and have great hopes for where Wrapunzel can go once we settle into our new place!


Here are some of my ideas and goals, based on your comments and requests:

– Clothing matching and style suggestions.  I am planning on doing posts showing how I match outfits to scarves… I am very excited to do this!  Even though I am by no means a fashionista, I have realized that perhaps the fact that I am a working woman who needs to find (very) affordable clothing AND wrap amazing scarves around my head makes it even more important that I share what I know.

– More giveaways!  I am stunned by how successful our two giveaways have been, and how they have brought this community closer together.  I am hoping to do many more!

– Personalized attention.  I am hoping to do one on one consultations, troubleshooting, and personalized scarf selecting for ladies that are interested.  I am also looking forward to doing many more scarf wrapping workshops, which is a great chance to get hands on experience!

– Measurements.  I will get a measuring tape and share with you the dimensions of the ideal head wrapping scarves.  This is a promise 😛

– A chance for you to buy head coverings.  I seem to have a magnetism/gift for finding beautiful and affordable scarves and matching them with accessories.  And I shouldn’t be the only person benefitting from this.  A huge chunk of women seem to stumble on this site, think that I am selling these creations and are disappointed to find out that I am not.  I will figure out a way to make this happen for you… looking forward to this!

– Video tutorials.  You ladies love watching them, and I love making them.  You can look forward to watching my do many more tichel ties… and as requested, I will show you more side and back views!

– More lady wrap stars from around the world!

So… this is what I have been thinking about and looking forward to!  I would like to open up the comments section of this post to hear what you think about these ideas, and if you have other suggestions.  By the end of August I should able to get most of these ideas off the ground.  Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance!

Love, Andrea

Helmet Head (aka Cyclists Solution #2, #3, + #4)

You may remember that I bike to work pretty much every day.  Doing this has been a challenge to my scarf wrapping ways, because a helmet does not work well with a volumizer!  Here are some solutions and advice that I have come up with so far:

1) Get to work early and do your scarf in the restroom.  Often I opt for this solution, and just arrive at work early with scarves/volumizer ready in my bag and do myself up in the restroom (which is also essential if face rinse/makeup touch-up/shirt change is needed).  This was always the most obvious option for me, especially in colder months when I need to bike with a hat/warm headband.  However, it is time consuming and can be awkward when you are biking to multiple locations and/or walking out of your workplace with friends (“excuse me while I duck into the restroom to change my scarf!”)

2) Go casual.  This option works very well, especially with a colourful cotton scarf, glasses, and earrings.  It was my go-to option in this post:

It works well… but as you all know, I couldn’t bear wearing single square scarves all the time!

3) Do the braid.  This seems like the easiest solution, and it keeps my wrap from being too boring.  Only issue is the braid sometimes getting stuck under my bag while biking, but so far so good!



4) Or do a bow!  One of the simplest options I have found is after taking down my elabourate tichel that I wear at work, I just tie the loose ends of the base scarf in a bow and ride on!  It actually looks pretty good with the helmet off as well.

To all you bikers out there, how do you bike with a tichel?  Any pointers/ideas?