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It is my greatest pleasure to feature a visionary woman and seller of stunning hair coverings.  Many of you have already heard of Judith Levy, the founder of Judith de Paris.  I have been hoping to interview her and share her ideas and stories ever since this site was founded.  And, even better, she wants to do a giveaway exclusively for Wrapunzel members!  Giveaway details at the bottom of this article, but now, here is Judith’s story, as well as some special interview questions:

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Judith de Paris – The Story

My name is really Judith and I am actually from Paris 😉  I moved to the USA three years ago when I got remarried. I live in Silver Spring MD where my husband leads the Sephardic minyan hosted by YISE.

I have always been in love with words, and therefore I am an editor. I work with the French edition of Artscroll for more than ten years, proof reading the guemara and the chumash. I also translate from English and Hebrew to French.

Before I got remarried two and a half years ago, my husband to be asked me if I would consider switching my beautiful, long trendy sheitel for a kisuy (as they say in Hebrew) according to the Sephardic halachic rulings.

“No way, Jay!” In France, women switch from tichel to sheitel because they don’t want to be mistaken as Arab women!

Plus, this scarves look like nothing. No style, no character, nothing. My smart fiancé accepted my decision and I went to the chupa with my long sheitel.

After a few months in Silver spring, my husband hesitantly asked me what I thought would be a good answer to give to those people in his minyan who didn’t really understand why the rabbi’s wife wears a sheitel when he himself keeps telling them that Sephardic women should cover their hair with a kisuy. My answer was immediate but in some way I didn’t really measure the consequences of these few words: I told him to tell them that I am going to try.

For my husband it was carved in the stone and he took it for granted: from now on his wife will wear a tichel. I actually did it every day but not when we were going out to weddings or any kind of events. Then, we had an important wedding in the community and I was really eager to please my husband and give him due respect by showing to everybody out there that I was sensible and receptive to my husband opinions and advices. (For me nothing was more precious than to succeed where I had once failed : my marriage. I was therefore ready to go out of my way for that. My Moroccan background also taught me that the honor you give to your husband is the cornerstone of the home you try to build.) I looked for a nice kisuy and found a casquette, very Parisian style. Perfect for me.

Then came the great news, my son got engaged and was to be married in England in July. My first concern was not my dress but my hair covering. Along with my stepdaughters, we toured the whole Baltimore to find THE hair piece. We found either old fashioned (mother in law kind of hats 😉 ) or plain scarves.  Since we couldn’t find the perfect one, I bought around ten different scarves matching my dress even a piece of expensive lace (that was used later for my stepdaughter’s wedding outfit). But deep inside of me, I knew that I was not totally ready to wear this “thing” for my son’s wedding. These “things” are an insult to an elegant evening dress !

Come July, I packed all my scarves, all the matching accessories and my beautiful sheitel that I intended to give to one of my sisters. The wedding was full of emotion and some tension too because of the situation of the chatan’s parents. My first child was getting married and it was the first “family” reunion with my ex in-laws since my second marriage a year ago. The stress was at its peak and my trembling hands were not able to tie this mitpachat, the way I wanted it to look. I got dressed, tried to tie the tichel and kept failing. I asked the make up lady who was taking care of my daughters at that time if she had ever took care of a sheitel which had been sitting for months in a drawer and travelled to England in a random bag in the bottom of my suitcase. She tried her best, the result was acceptable. That was my last experience wearing a sheitel.

From England we flew to Israel where my daughter got engaged and where I met my first volumizer (and my first son in law). I wore it for the first time for her engagement party without a wig grip under it (I didn’t know such a thing existed!) I promise you, you don’t want to see the pictures that were taken at the end of the evening…

Since my husband was sick during most of our vacation, I didn’t really have a chance to visit the plethora of mitpachot stores that are available in Jerusalem.

For my daughter’s wedding, I had two months and lots of energy to find a kisuy.  I didn’t even try to find something in the USA. I just surfed the web to find the most elegant stores in Israel as I had decided to do my shopping when I will get there. I met Rinati Lakel on the web but visited her store two days before the wedding. I was wonderfully welcomed by an awesome hostess who took the time to exchange my volumizer ( I had bought the higher one which was not necessary since I am 6ft) and to pick with me the exact color and the exact head jewel I needed. We spent quite a long time in the store tying and retying till I felt comfortable enough. During the pre wedding shopping, we got to know a fair amount of mitpachot stores where we got a few mitpachot for my daughter and myself. When I came back home, I felt so fortunate to be able to go to shul with a neatly tied kisuy.

I felt like I was accomplishing a real kiddush Hashem.

Somehow, I started to feel like I should share my “discovery” with the ladies of our community. I told my husband that somebody should really think about bringing those hair pieces from Israel and help American married women to cover their hair with elegance.

“Why couldn’t you do it?”

“Me ? business ? Are you kidding me ? Everybody knows that I a much more comfortable with letters than with numbers. Nope, that’s not for me.”

That should have been the end of my idea but I couldn’t let go. Each time I went to shul, I noticed that the ladies around could really use some help with their hair covering. Most of them were very young and for a Parisian like me it was heartbreaking to see them with these scarves (either too flat or too bulky, nobody knew of a volumizer then and used a lot of smart artifacts in lieu of volume under the scarves). So I jumped and here I was again at my computer scrutinizing the web for the best designers. Eventually, I started with Sarah from Sarah creations who suggested me to order a few padded caps. I reluctantly ordered five of them (after all I had my own one and I knew for a fact that it slipped all the way down the head ten minutes after I have tied your mitpachat). She was right. The demand was immediately immense. As for today, we sold almost 300 of them around the country. When I understood that, I asked Rinati Lakel, who registered the boubou aka volumizer as a patent pending creation, to give me exclusivity on the volumizer for the USA.  I got the American mentality pretty fast : I have created this business for a mitsva and to help women but I kept in mind that all that work had to become an income for our extended family and allow my husband to learn while being free of financial concerns.

It’s been a year now and we are still not there… God willing, it will become a full time job soon!

Wow, what an incredible story!  Here are photos of the lastest summer styles from Judith:

How has Judith de Paris grown over the years?  Any future plans/hopes that you would like to share with us?
I always hope to be able to keep the quality and the style while lowering the prices. I think that might happen when we grow bigger and sell more. In the meantime, we sell our items at the same price as the actual designers do in their own store despite the shipping fees and all the work involved. we want american ladies to benefit from these beautiful products!
How have your feelings about hair covering changed over the years?
I always disliked hair coverings altogether. I found the hats to be to big or to totally hide the face. the more casual bandanas and wraps had a tendency to look like a piece of fabric on the head (especially before we discovered the wig grip). I didnt like that. I believed and still believe that a hair covering has to be a crown, a way to tell a message to the “world” : I abide to the torah requirements and I am feminine, elegant and beautiful. not contradiction between these concepts.
How do you cover your hair on a regular day to day basis?  What are your favourite “casual” looks?
I am a big kaly fan. Since I wear glasses and tend to suffer from headaches, a day in front of the computer with a lot of weight on the head can become painful. I just slip a kaly on the volumizer and then accessorize it with one or two headbands, a pin or a jewel headband depending on my day schedule.
What is your favourite formal head covering?
I love the satin turbans. they are now made out of a different fabric which has a richer look and doesn’t slip away (it is blended with silk and cotton). I like the versatility and the possibility to accessorize them to my taste. i usually chose to break away from my outfit color and wear a turban that is closer to a detail of the dress (buttons, flowers…)
What are some tricks and tips that you can share with us?  Any hair covering secrets that you would like to reveal?
For our benefit, you share most of the tricks I know in your tutorials and videos – the only thing I could add may sound a little weird but works very well; I recommend not to wash your hair right prior to an event when you will really not want your hair piece to move. when the hair is too clean, it is silky and has a tendency to repel anything you put on your head. So wash your hair two days before the big day and the day after !
What are your most popular products on Judith de Paris?
The volumizer is our best seller. It has become a staple and most of the designers take in it consideration when they design their mitpachot. The trend is now to a lower look, a lot of volume still but a more natural effect.
The kaly came out last year. both products are patent pending by Rinati Lakel and have required lots of work and efforts. the kaly is now made in different fabrics and colors to satisfy all the needs. prepare yourself to a surprise, a new version of the kaly will be available in a month or so. I am quite sure it will become a favourite !
Then come the veil turbans and the yom yom/yomi. Ladies got used to the volumizer but are not always able to wear another heavy piece of fabric. Those hit the spot. They are light, colorful and easy to tie. (i am mostly referring to those ladies who wear glasses and I am one of them )
Who and what inspires you?
My husband and my children. My husband is the one that encouraged me to share my discoveries with the american ladies and he is always by my side with his precious advices and encouragements. He trusts me and gives me the will to carry on when I share my doubts and concern with him. My children have been extremely supportive when I decided to switch from a sheitel to a mitpachat. I wore it publicly for the first time by my daughters wedding. This was a public statement and I now do it with a lot of pride.
What are you grateful for right now?
I am both grateful and apologetic to the One above. Grateful for all he has given me, gives me and will give me in the future. Apologetic for being skeptical and fearful of the outcome of some complicated situations I went through. I now have no more fear, I know to trust him even though i see only a small piece of the big puzzle of life.
Aaannnddd… {drumroll!} here are the giveaway details!  
To enter the giveaway, make sure to like  Judith de Paris on her facebook page  (and Wrapunzel too!).  Keep in mind that if you want to order something, you should definitely contact her personally, because she is incredible at offering personalized advice and suggestions!
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You could WIN this stunning hair wrap by Judith de Paris!  All you have to do is:
– Leave a comment in the comments section below, answering this important question:
…  “What are you grateful for right now?”
The contest will close before Shabbat next week and announced Sunday June 9th on the Wrapunzel facebook page (so make sure you “like” it so you can get updates!)  This contest is in honour of the amazing members here on Wrapunzel, and celebrating the fact that I will be meeting Judith in person on that Sunday at a hair wrapping event in Philadelphia!  Looking forward to receiving your entries and announcing the winner!

117 thoughts on “Judith de Paris!! {+ giveaway!}

  1. Liat Shyken

    I am grateful for my children bli ayn hora and for your wonderful website. I aspire to make my tichels look at fancy as yours and Judith’s b”H


  2. I’m extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to leave the conventional workforce and focus on homesteading and knitting for my website! 🙂


  3. Chava

    I am so grateful that my youngest daughter decided to come home for the summer after her 1st year of college. I guess she missed Mommy and Tatty, BH!!!


  4. Jessica Cavanagh-Melhado

    What are you grateful for right now?

    My life is really blessed, but I am really grateful right now for my family. With my birthday and my graduation from graduate school last week, not only did my husband really step up to make it a beautiful week for me (and take two days off of school too!), but both my parents and my in-laws traveled all the way from Illinois to New York to be with us for a number of days. We had almost 10 days with family, and given how far away we live from them, it was a wonderful gift. They did so many lovely things with us – the Circle Line boat tour, meals out at lovely kosher restaurants, Central Park Zoo, and taking us to an Off-Broadway show – not to mention the ACTUAL graduation! Really, it was wonderful, both the experiences we had as a family of six, but also to know that they were doing it because they felt that I had done something worth celebrating. As an only child with most of my extended family living outside the country, it’s really beautiful to have my husband’s family as such an important part of my life. There aren’t enough words to express it accurately!


  5. Mirka K.

    I am grateful for my husband’s support. He has made it possible for me to change my career direction. I feel my vocation is to become a paramedic and help those in need. I am very grateful that I am able to do that.


  6. Baruch Hashem, this week we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and my birthday! We received our baby girl this year, and I am so grateful to celebrate these events for the first time as an Ima!!


  7. Laureen

    I am grateful for many things – being alive for one. I am grateful for Wrapunzel’s beautiful sharings and sharing Judith’s story and talents with us…. I shall find? make? a beautiful tichel for my dear Daughter’s Wedding. Judith’s purple one is so lovely!!! So many ideas!!! Thank you!!! : )


  8. Every night as I do prayers with my son, I am grateful for my son and my supportive husband. I am grateful for all that we have and all that H-shem brings into our lives.


  9. Abby

    I’m grateful for my husband. When we got married two years ago, I made the decision to cover my hair. Since then, a lot has happened and I’m currently not covering my hair. I lost the connection to it somehow. I think about it often. How I miss being identified as a married orthodox woman, how I am missing out on a huge important mitzvah. My husband has been so patient and understanding with me through this journey. He is so wonderful!


  10. lzbthcldwll

    I am grateful for my family and friends… but mostly I am grateful for my growing relationship with the Gd that has provided them all 🙂


  11. jessica w.

    i am greatful for my husband, who went from being an athiest to joining me on my conversion wherever that will end up.


  12. Rachael

    I’m grateful for my upcoming marriage to a wonderful man (10 days!). I’m also grateful for finding a community of women who cover their hair to encourage and inspire me 🙂


  13. Loved this and shared in on my facebook. Many consider a sheitl “better’ but in reality, according to halacha, Shulchan Aruch, a tichel is far preferable and a sheitl is a “heter,” at best. Such Ohr of kedusha she’s is bring to herself, her family and Am Israel!


  14. Alina

    I am so grateful for my husband who encourages me each day to be the best woman I can be and to do all I can to grow closer to Gd.


  15. payitforwardbp

    What am I grateful for? I am so thankful for the life I’m living, the ability to express myself as an individual and as Jewish (Orthodox) woman by using scarves that have been collected by/for me from all over the world to do my tichels. I’m also beyond thankful for my amazing husband, caring parents, and all the blessings Hashem has given me.


  16. Alina

    I am so grateful for my husband who encourages me each day to be the best woman I can be and to do all I can do to serve Gd.


  17. Linda

    I am so grateful for the love that Hashem is showing me by giving me the most wonderful patient and loving husband and, after a lot of prayers and waiting two lovelly little boys (4 and 2) who teach me every day how to have faith in Hashem through their honest questions (mommy, why did Hashem make me? How do I please Him most?) and beautiful remarks…and in November we will be blessed with another precious soul to love and cherish….He blessed me so much I can’t even describe!! Todah raba Adonai!!!


  18. Teresa

    I am thankful for my wonderful family who supports my decision to cover although they do not do so and sometimes to not understand why I do and also my wonderful husband who supports me through everything!


  19. LeeAnn

    I am grateful for so many things, but most importantly for Hashem who has carried me through life and given me so many blessings. My husband who puts up with me and remains steadfast and is my rock. My children who love me and my new granddaughter, but especially that my daughter Kaitie will be able to graduate with honors even though she had a bad concussion 1 1/2 years ago that has made school difficult for her. It has been a long road but we are blessed.


  20. Cynthia Doniger

    I am grateful to have connected with so many beautiful women who cover their hair and for Andrea who keeps us all connected and for the introduction to Judith de Paris!


  21. Adel

    I am grateful for the beautiful life Hashem has blessed me with. We are so fortunate for the many luxuries we have that once upon a time didn’t exist and too many times we take for granted.


  22. Zahava Bensimon

    I am grateful for the opportunity to enter this contest, and to Judith De Paris for sponsoring the giveaway!


  23. chani melamed

    I am grateful that my husband finally found me after dating for too long! B’h we are married almost 3 years now (our 3 year proposal anniversary is tomorrow!) I know we are true soul mates and that our love for each other is unconditionally.


  24. Danielle

    I am thankful and grateful for the love of my family and friends. I am also grateful for the love I receive from my pets and those I might meet briefly when they see I might need a little something extra that day on the internet. And definitely grateful for god giving me my daughter, because she was born so small.


  25. I’m flying to Johannesburg from Cape Town tomorrow (in South Africa) to be at a good friend’s wedding. I am all about making a bride and groom happy on their wedding day because it meant so much to me when I had flying in from all over the world for my own wedding. I am eternally grateful that I could afford to go (flights alone are expensive!) and bH I had the money at the time to buy a ticket. Also I’m grateful that my boss so easily let me take off work to go. I almost wasn’t able to go to this wedding for a handful of reasons, and I’m just so thankful Hashem has lined everything up so that I can celebrate with a very happy bride!


  26. Naat

    Thanks for you’re inspiring story! I’m grateful for my loving husband en two beautiful sons! I’m also thankful for learning a lot about G’d and learning to live according to His will! And thank you Andrea for you’re very inspiring website, tutorials, foto’s and story’s!


  27. SaraB

    I am so grateful for warm breezy weather, for sangria in the fridge and a quiet apartment and for a husband whose face I love to see as he walks in the door each night.


  28. catalina

    I am entering this during a tornado warning so right now I am most grateful for a basement! God willing this storm will pass without harming anyone. Life is truly with being grateful for.


  29. Naomi

    I am grateful to HKB”H for the opportunity to fulfill such a special mitzva each day by covering my hair. I am grateful to people like Andrea and Judith who give me chizuk in this mitzva. And I am grateful to be a Jew, a part of the most precious nation. May we soon merit returning to E”Y with the binyan bayis shlishi, in all of our beautifully tied tichals, bimheira b’yameinu! 🙂


  30. Jeanne

    I think Judith looks so beautiful and elegant in her tichels, I can’t imagine her looking as good in a sheitel! Ahhhh how I love her Parisian air. Thank you Andrea for this post!


  31. Katharina

    Wow – what a great opportunity! I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful husband I have and his never-ending support and love. Besides, I am also incredibly happy about my mental and physical abilities – health can never be ought!


  32. Joy

    I am grateful for life, for G-d who gives us the grace to learn about him daily. For the blessing of Shabbat with my family especially as I grow in the understanding of what it means to be a covered woman and the joy of expressing my self with beautiful tichels.


  33. Raynette Grant

    I am grateful for all the blessings that God has blessed me with. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband that is also my best friend…besides my mother I am also grateful for finding Wrapunzel’s facebook page that lead me to this web site! I really enjoy reading the wonderful articles that are so inspiring and they give me more confidence in my self to let go and let the creator mold me into who He wants me to become. Thank you for the chance to enter to win this beautiful hair wrap by Judith de Paris! If I don’t win then congrats to the winner!!!


  34. I am grateful for my work, where I get to be present with people in profound moments in their lives, and for my husband and his patience and support, when it all gets to be a bit much for me.


  35. Lovely post and it was nice to “meet” you Judith and read your story. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m grateful for the life that G-d had given me. Because well, if I didn’t have life, then I wouldn’t have any of the other things that I’m grateful for either (for instance, Andrea and this blog)!


  36. Rachel

    Each day is a blessing. I am beyond grateful for a six-month clean health report that allows me to continue being a wife, mother, daughter and sister. Each day I strive to draw closer to HaShem and be the woman He created me to be. And, above all, I am grateful that, despite my flaws, HaShem will never turn His back on me. That’s true, unconditional love beyond what I am worth.


  37. Tewauna

    I am so grateful for my husband! He’s being such a blessing to me during this time of morning sickness suffering.


  38. Yardena

    BH I have so much to be grateful for!

    Today, I am most grateful for the strength of my 5 year old son. Despite experiencing some pretty intense anti-Semitism out and about (we live in a state with approximately only 150 Jews) he continues to wear his kippah proudly to school and defends others who are picked on for being different without hesitation. He inspires me to keep going when it seems difficult here!


  39. Shira

    I am grateful to Hashem for holding my hand and leading me in the right path throughout life. He always sends helpful Malachim to me when I need to hear certain messages. Two such Malachim are Andrea Grinberg and Judith Levy, who inspire me and provide me with the chizzuk I need to stay strong with Kisui rosh the genuine way. I am so grateful to have read Judith’s article tonight, as I really related to it. It gave me great chizzuk to hear another woman’s story who struggled at first with Kisui Rosh (like I did), and who has now come to peace with it. Thank you Andrea, Judith, and most of all, HaKadosh Baruch who, for giving me the opportunity and strength to cover my hair in a way that is truly fit for a Bat Melech!


  40. Eliana

    I am grateful that despite feeling unhappy with covering my hair, I have kept with it. That ability has been a blessing from Hashem, because it isn’t my will alone that moves me into action.


  41. Lyn

    Last October, I decided to start wearing a tichel.
    I don’t live in an a city with a jewish orthodox community. where I live, a lot of women cover their hair (and more) but they are all muslims (I live in France).
    When I decided to wear a tichel, I needed help : what tichel, how, prevent splippage …
    Nobody has his hair covered in my immediat surroundings.
    I am grateful for Hashem who put all the advices I needed on my way, so I could do this mitzva with serenity, and concentrate on harder ones …
    Andrea, G. bless you for what you do with Wrapunzel. You can’t imagine how it helped.


  42. Eszter

    I’m grateful for my wonderful 16 months old son who is cute and clever and really a simcha for the whole family, as his name is Dov Simcha. 🙂


  43. Sharon

    Right now I am grateful for the local Jewish community that my husband and I have been involved with. The rabbi and his wife have taken us and our children under their wing and we are in the process of being converted. We have been keeping Torah for almost 10 years now on our own, but something was missing. I am so looking forward to keeping the Holy Days and holidays with others of the same faith! B’ezrat HaShem we will be transformed into what He wants us to be for His glory!!


  44. Kelly

    I am grateful for many things right now. I have three beautiful children under the age of nine when for the twelve years, I thought I would have none. I have a wonderful husband of nearly 22 years who loves G-d with all of his heart. I live in a middle-eastern country where our faith is not popular, but am thankful that we live in peace for the moment. I am also thankful for ladies like you who have taught me so much more about wrapping my hair, showing me how to do it well and with more joy than ever before. Thanks to your sites I can feel beautiful while covered too.


  45. Britney Williams

    I am grateful for the awesome time my family and I had in Israel, and all the ways that I’ll never be the same after visiting the Land!


  46. Aliza

    I am eternally grateful to Hashem who has given me a wonderful life. I have an incredible husband who supports me in everything I do. We truly compliment each other and I can’t imagine my life without him. Hashem has also granted me three amazing children. My 4 year old son is a ball of wonder and questions and surprises me every day with his genius. My 2 year old daughter is full of energy and happiness and has a special sparkle that can brighten anyone’s day. My newest addition, my 3 month old daughter, is just discovering the beautiful world Hashem has given her and her wide eyes are taking it all in. So, essentially, I am grateful for my life and every person in it.


  47. Annmarie

    I am grateful for my five kids and for G-d always being so patient with me while I seem to be losing my way at an increasingly high rate lately. His Love has no boundaries and for that I am grateful!!!


  48. Ale Kiguelman

    I am grateful for LIFE! Gosh, so many things…
    I have 2 beautiful daughters BH that I could not be more grateful for. I always have work (BH) which is part of my struggle (working too much) but I am always grateful that I have work and able to support my family.
    Recently, I am INCREDIBLY grateful for the Jewish communities I have found in my new town. I have been on a rough bumpy path over the last few years, all the while trying to be more observant which is a struggle for many reasons. But I moved a couple of years ago and have my children in Jewish schools here and found amazing Rabbis & Rebbetzin that are always there to guide me and help me stay on my path. As a woman who lived like a gypsy a lot in the past and was constantly moving around, I am SO grateful to finally be in a place where I want to plant roots & have a beautiful Jewish community to be a part of. So so so grateful for the spiritual journey I have been on my whole life.
    Thank you for listening!!! 🙂


  49. Elana

    I am so grateful for my wonderful husband of almost a year, for the wonderful family who raised me to not fear my dreams, and for Hashem for giving me the gift of motherhood, which, IY’H, i will be receiving in full in about 14 weeks! 🙂


  50. Bia Klein

    I am grateful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for everything He has given me–my husband, children, grandchildren, my other family and friends and the wonderful community He set us into 28 years ago. Thank you, Hashem, for helping me to understand and have emunah, even in the face of difficult challenges.


  51. Emma

    Hello Judith and Andrea,

    Judith, sorry for my long reply. I normally never write but there were so many similarities!

    Baruch Hashem I will be married for 4 years in four days! My husband does not believe in sheitles (only ‘kosher’ ones at a push, by which I mean stziut ones, short and modest looking). I own a long one and could never have imagined not wearing it, especially to simchas. But because he (and our children) are what I am grateful for now and always, I said to him, like you did to your husband, that I would try! I started to wear scarfs more and more, not because I believed it was right, only because I am blessed that he is my husband and I want to make him happy. (I am also remarried, but he is my only husband really!).

    Then our second child, a daughter was born and baruch hashem a kiddush we would make. ‘What should I wear (on my head, the only thing I was worried about)?’ I kept asking him. ‘Whatever you feel comfortable in’ was his reply. Of course, he would have loved me to choose a scarf. A few days before I went to find a matching scarf and unbelievably found one in the only shop I walked into. Still not sure what to do on the day, I said to myself that I would put a scarf on first, and if it didn’t work first time I will wear my sheitle. But hashem had it planned already… all 3 scarfs I tied that day was perfect first time. I asked my husband and his smile gave me the confidence to walk down the stairs to a crowd of people with no hair to cover my face!

    Andrea, because of you I bought so many beautiful scarfs and because my scarfs were lovely the rest of me had to match!

    I thank you both for your time and effort in sharing your websites with us and helping women to fulfill this mitzvah in beauty.


  52. What an amazing and truly inspiring story! Thank you for sharing so openly so that everyone can truly appreciate where you are coming from.
    I am grateful for my wonderful and devoted husband and my delicious little twin girls! They are the light of my life:)


  53. Velma

    I am grateful for the health and well being of my family. I am also grateful for the freedom that I have found when I started to cover my hair. People see me for me!

    Judith, I also am grateful for you. I have purchased such lovely headwear from you that I have received nothing but complements. Thank you!!


  54. My husband and I were once Christians who had a great desire to please Hashem. After so much investigation we realized that the only way to go was to follow Hashem and His laws. We left Christianity and two years ago my husband left his job in order to keep Shabbat. We ended up becoming homeless with our three children. Less than a year later Hashem blessed us with a 3 bedroom home and our now 8 month old little girl. My husband does not have to work because we have a steady flow of income. Now he can study Torah all day. I began covering my hair faithfully for about 3 months now to honor my husband and Hashem. I am grateful for Hashem’s protection, blessings, love and faithfulness.
    Even if I do not win the prize, I pray that this helps someone who is in between a choice of whether to follow Hashem at His word or not.


  55. I am grateful for my incredible children, my terrific extended family, my awesome friends, my fantastic Rabbi, and my amazing community. I am especially grateful to Hashem for the 18 wonderful years I had with my marvelous, remarkable, extraordinary husband who I miss terribly.


  56. Leah Lazar

    I’m greatful for my family, who are always there for me, and my kids who bring meaning into my life and help me be a better person. Each one is unique and I can’t imagine my life without any one of them.


  57. so many things I am grateful for right now.
    This week is my birthday, I ran into my favorite rabbanit from Eretz Israel, while at the store
    my husband bought me my favorite drink before he came home from work
    My baby slept her first 2 hours nap all by herself
    and thats just today 🙂


  58. Leah Bassett

    Right at this moment I am grateful for my eye site! I have the pleasure of looking at these gorgeous head coverings! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  59. Marcy

    I am grateful for the internet! Without it, we would not be able to share the diversity of solutions, products and helpers for Orthodox women. I learn so much from blogs and shops like these! Think of what it was probably like 50 years ago. How would you find out about these amazing things?


  60. I am so, incredibly grateful for my husband. He is the best person I know. I am also grateful for his entire family, which is really a blessing. I am so grateful that I live in Israel. I am grateful that I am able to do avodat HaShem. I am grateful that I am gainfully employed. And I am grateful for all those moments when I am frustrated, grumpy and tired, because I know that everything is happening for a reason.


  61. Ayelet may

    Also, I am grateful for having met you, Andrea, both online and in person. That was a real treat. You’re so beautiful, inside and out. May you continue to touch lives with your amazing unique light and talents.


  62. I am grateful that I took the time to watch the videos on this site on Sunday evenings so my long tichel could be wrapped in a way to reduce bulk. Thank you!


  63. i am grateful that i have the confidence to cover my hair with funky scarves in a place where it is odd and sparks questions. i am happy when people ask me about it


  64. Doris

    I am grateful that Hashem has blessed me with a wonderful husband and great children and grandchildren. Getting here was not easy but that is the nature of life, with many ups and downs.


  65. Gwen

    I am grateful for waking up each day healthy and in my right mind! I am grateful for each blessing from the large, like my very life, family , food to the small like the spider in the corner of my living room that eats up the mosquitoes I so dislike! I am also grateful that even though I am one of the only non Muslim woman who covers in my small town in North Dakota, I feel honored and privileged to obey my Creator in this way. I would be thrilled to wear a Judith due Paris- created crown, I would feel like a queen!


  66. Jana

    I’m grateful for my amazing husband. No matter how stressful it gets, especially having two of our three children with special needs, he knows exactly how to help me cope. He also makes sure to remind me during those moments when I start doubting my hair covering, usually due to comments and stares from strangers, of why I chose to cover in the first place, and to not let others destroy my confidence. His support is everything. Sometimes all he has to do is look at me with his cheeky grin, and it’s better.


  67. Sarah

    I am extremely grateful for my husband and daughter and for the life He has given me. I’m grateful that I am a “work in progress” and that He hasn’t given up on me.


  68. Rachel

    I am so grateful for my new hubby (we got married last Sunday), for parents who love me, and that Gd-willing, I’m going to learn in Israel for this entire year!


  69. Mellisa Gross

    I am thankful that HaShem lead me in the right direction. I am in the process of converting and I have been covering my hair since 1/14/2013. I am also thankful for Andrea Grinberg because without her, I would be a big Tichel mess. lol. I watch all of her Youtube videos and she has taught me how to wear Tichels and be proud of it. I am just thankful for life.


  70. Jessie

    I am thankful that my extended family is about to crash my new place and help me break it in, hospitality-wise. I’m thankful that, even though we are all different, we have found common ground and love to be together.


  71. Today I am extremely thankful for rain. Our ponds and creeks are overflowing, our lakes are running over, and it is standing in all of the ditches. We may have more water than we need, but this time last year we were in such a bad drought that we were rationing water. I am so thankful that G-d sent rain and has made our crops to grow again! He is so mindful of His people! He is truly a wonderful Father!


  72. Deborah

    I am grateful for G-d, my husband and children for without them, I would not be the woman I am today…they keep me honest, loving and family focused instead of self-focused.


  73. Steph

    I am grateful for bad days (in reference to poor health). The bad days make the good days seem that much better and certainly make me enjoy the little things in life. Like sitting on a blanket in the front yard in the evening looking all all of the gorgeous stars and thinking (and thanking) the One who made them. 🙂

    P.S. Liked this article, i love the creations from Judith de Paris it was nice to ‘get to know’ the owner.


  74. Shayna Levine-Hefetz

    I am grateful for our supportive friends and family who are helping my family through a move to a new city which took an expected turn when I got sick a few weeks ago. I am slowly getting better and everything is coming together…


  75. eszter bock

    Right now I’m grateful for all the helpful people Hashem puts in my way: today i realized at checkout that I did not have my wallet with me (after spending a good 40 minutes at the store with my 19month old daughter), told the cashier to stop what she was doing because my wallet was at home, and then the man bagging my groceries looked at me and my daughter on my hip, pulled out his card and paid for my groceries, obviously not expecting to ever see that money again.


  76. Michelle

    I am grateful that I can now clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel that my husband’s medical school, residency and fellowship has been. And that my 4 children know that Ima likes to sleep in on the weekends.


  77. Angela

    So very grateful for my four sweet children and my hard-working husband. Grateful today for the opportunity to spend a gorgeous early-summer evening in the garden with them, picking berries and flowers.


  78. I just moved from Tennessee to Washington state to be closer to my family. So, I am grateful that for the first time in over 20 years I live in the same town (and STATE!) as my big brother who is the coolest guy ever….oh, and his wife and kids aren’t so bad, either!


  79. Ina Cohen

    I am grateful to haShem for giving me a loving husband (married 37 years), 4 remarkable children ( 2 living in Israel) and 6 grandchildren. And for giving me a life worth living.


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