Wrapunzel Store!!

Now you can buy the scarves that I wear!  We’re searching the world bring you the awesomest headscarves in the possible!  Check it out!!

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 1.15.39 PM



34 thoughts on “Wrapunzel Store!!

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  2. Just got my order last night. I’m SOOO excited! I wear a shaitel all week at work, but Shabbos and Sunday I’ll be trying everything out.
    Thanks for opening the store. Everything is so nice, and the prices are very reasonable.
    Kol tuv!


  3. You are both doing a great job and I really enjoyed watching the tutorials – you make things very easy, and it is nice to see a lovely, smiling, inspiring faces! 🙂 So Thank you!
    The only sad thing is the Wrapunzel webpage, which I can’t access for some reasons… Any thing you can do on your side about that? (I’m in Germany at the moment so I don’t know if it’s an access/copyright issue)


  4. When will the store website be up and running? I’ve been trying to access it for a couple of weeks without success. It’s not fair to show us all these great coverings, and then not give us a way to buy them!


  5. I was noticing the shapers are out of stock in the white/cream color. Any idea when they might be back in stock. Also do you sell the velvet headband or oomphtastic scrunchy in brown or cream?


  6. Oh no! I just went onto the store to buy the sari silk tichel, and I couldn’t find it. Do you not have it anymore?


  7. Shalom to you andria. Im having problems going on your store website threw my phone. Its not letting me view the whole site. Let me know if you have any advice for me. Ill really appreciate.


  8. Best quote of the week: At the Tiferes Yisroel festivities last night, I was catching up with a friend. She had a very nice layered wrap with a volumizer, obviously bought and inspired from Wrapunzel. I was wearing a shimmery green with volumizer, newly bought this week. Her first grade son came over to ask for another hot dog to roast, took one look at me and said, “You listen to Wrapunzel too?” Thanks, Rivka Bluestein

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  9. I met Andrea memorial weekend at Lori Michaelson in del ray beach fla. I bought s purple head covering I use to light shabbat candles. I would like to buy 5 of the same to send to friends in new York. Pls call me 3476280589. Thank you


  10. Shalom Ladies! By the grace of G-d I somehow found you when Hashem put it upon my heart to cover my hair. I often tell my mom you are my best friends without even knowing it because I follow your blogs and videos so much I feel like I know you. I’m currently waiting for a Wrapunzel package to arrive that my father sent me for my birthday. I’m on pins and needles with excitement. I have family in Baltimore and would love to meet you to say thank you in person next time I’m there. From the depth of my heart, thank you guys for what are doing. You really have made this such an enjoyable and loving journey for me!

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  11. Can you please give me an idea of a nice style to wear for my sisters weeding. Please!!!! I would really appreciate it. Thank so much!!


  12. Cannot thank you enough for this store…am looking forward to my first tichel and shaper and all. So inspiring, so feminine, so beautiful….thank you!


  13. I have purchased severral tichels from you and love them. I have been wrapping off and on for three years due to hair loss from chemotherapy for cancer treatment. These tichels make me feel beautiful and elegant. I appreciate the tutorials to learn new ways to wear them. Blessings to you.

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  14. Hello ! I can’t wait until I see those beautiful 3/4 sleeves shells back in large and in different colors. I only have them in purple , mustard and teal in large size. Please keep us updated, thanks.

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  15. I’m new to scarf wearing and love the creativity of your styles. I’m super excited about the many styles you share that appeals to my facial structure, which is most of them. I buy most of my material from fabric stores bit would love to purchase some of yours. Will you pleas send me some information so we can start a better patronizing relationship? Thank you in advance!


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