Step-by-step Regal Wrap (aka Turban)

There have been a number of requests asking to see how a basic turban (aka Regal Wrap) is done in a detailed video.  Once you master this tie, there are so many options and variations!  Add an extra scarf, leave the ends hanging (or braid!) or tuck them in.  Let me know what you think and please let me know if you have any other questions!  ❤


9 thoughts on “Step-by-step Regal Wrap (aka Turban)

  1. So helpful! Again, a novice question, what is the black hat/snood you’re wearing? I imagine it’s to help with grip? What material is it? Where do you buy them? Thanks!


  2. You are so beautiful and radiant, and I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! Thank you SO MUCH!! Your videos really have meant so much to me, you have no idea :o) Have a wonderful day.


  3. Help! I just started headcovering and can’t even get the regal wrap! I’m following step by step and it looks so easy but I never have enough material to wrap it over and tuck it in! My scarves are from wrapunzel and I have the basic shaper but still can’t do it. Any advice?! I’m so discouraged already.


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