Easy Ties for Square Scarves

For these, take a square scarf and fold it in half so you have a rectangle.  If you put the folded end at the front of your head you’ll get the first tie in the video.  If you put the open end at the front of your head, you can get a really neat layered look which is the second tie shown in the video.

(Music – Brahms G major Violin Sonata – 1st mvnt)

2 thoughts on “Easy Ties for Square Scarves

  1. molly

    That’s so cool! I never thought of that – putting the ends at the front then pulling the top one back. Very creative.


  2. LeeltDevorah Tafari

    This is really beautiful. I’m so inspired by how confident and queen like you are. My mother always wore a head covering and I didn’t understand why she went through the “trouble” and since I’ve been learning more about modesty in the Jewish community, I now see how beautiful it is and that it’s a way of life. I’m not married (unfortunately) but I have a daughter, and I want her to grow up seeing how wonderful it is to be modest. Thank you so much


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