The Layered Look!

Here is how to do that really impossible looking alternating layered wrap tie!  I found it a bit difficult to do on video with bad light and no mirror, so it is much easier to do than the video makes it out to be.  I also do apologize that the finished product is not as neat on the video as it is in the above picture.  I just wanted to give you the basics on how to do it instead making you watch me fuss 😛  This is a fairly advanced tie so it might take a few times before you get it right!  It’s totally worth the time and looks AWESOME!

You will need two long scarves.  Colours that compliment each other work best!

It almost feels like a hat when it’s wrapped well… and doesn’t budge throughout the day.  Also, when you take it off, it keeps its shape which is really neat!  Make sure that you decide on what colour you want on top, and put that scarf on second.  Happy wrapping!

(Music – Dvorak String Serenade – 1st mvnt)

5 thoughts on “The Layered Look!

  1. I’ve been having lots of fun with this – tried it out as an experiment on Friday and it worked well enough to wear the rest of the day and comfortable enough to cook for Shabbos in. Friday night, sparkly grey and white looked a bit flat as the scarves were thin, so I abandoned that one, but Shabbos morning, purple glittery scarf and bright pink pashmina looked great for shul and brightened up black and grey outfit! Thanks so much – I’ve seen people wearing it but never worked out that you needed long scarves rather than squares to do it!


    1. It’s a great look and really stays put! I also thought that it was done with square scarves and I suppose you could manage it if you have really big ones, but the long scarves make it so much easier! Glad to hear that it worked out 🙂


  2. I swear, I tried this like 6 times this morning, and I could not for the life if me get my ends tucked in..I have tried wearing a cap underneath to smooth things out hoping the ends slide up easier, tried it without the cap and just a no slip band…but either my knots seem to want to come completely undone or I could not get the ends to slide up in the scarf! Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong, or how I can make this tucking business easier? I am not a great end tucker on any style I fear, so I usually wind up wearing styles that hang to one side or with 2 braids one on each side…. but I love the look of this, and really want to get it perfected!


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