Ten Inspiring Wraps

I have been experimenting with a lot of new tichel styles lately.  Here are my favourite ten!  Use them, modify them, and most of all, have fun with them!  I will describe each briefly to give a general idea of what inspired these looks.  If you would like a tutorial on how to do one of them (most of them are just slight variations on the ones already on the site), let me know and I will make one to show you the steps!

1. Try adding a braided headband to a stunning silk scarf to pull together the look:
tichel blue headband

2.  Use pastel colours with a twisted end and tie it all together with a flower clip!
tichel flower fancy

3. Always use colours that compliment your skin tone:
tichel layered fancy

4. Try experimenting with super long tichels and braiding the ends.  (A pretty brooch doesn’t hurt either!)
tichel braid fancy

5. Another braiding idea for those who like neutral colours:
neutral tichel braid

6.  Add a splash of colour to a rainy day and keep that smile on your face!
tichel blue flower smile

7. Try tying a regular tichel with all the ends tucked in, then twist two tichels together and wrap the ends around your bun for an easy, princess style:
royal twist tichel

8.  Take an elasticized scarf and wrap it into a beautiful, flattering turban – perfect for cooler weather!
turban winter tichel

9. Enhance an already gorgeous scarf with a sparkly sash, and twist both tichel ends up and around for a fancy style:
double twist fancy tichel

10.  And remember, white is always beautiful for Shabbat, and surprisingly flattering:
tichel white shabbat

Shabbat shalom, world!  Wishing you a weekend filled with beauty, love, and happiness 🙂
Let us know which one of these is your favourite!

13 thoughts on “Ten Inspiring Wraps

  1. lzbthcldwll

    I love love love the colors in #6, I feel like the look of #8 is very Pacific Northwest, so I need to try to recreate that! Doesn’t it look like something one would wear whilst listening to Nirvana? LOL And White for Shabbat… can you explain to me why that is significant?


  2. Taycia Yockim

    Thanks so much for more fun ideas!! I have gotten so many compliments on my headscarves over the past year since i started covering my hair. It really brings out my creative side in ways i never imagined. Thanks for being an inspiration to hair-covering women of all faiths ❤


  3. Really like No 5 Neutral ❤

    Interesting to see some eyewear…
    As a hijabi (Muslim lady in a scarf) I have found you have to take your scarf into consideration when choosing frames, not as simple as it would seem….


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