Rachel: Your Signature Party Look

After our latest newsletter for Wrapunzel the store  was released (Do you receive our weekly Gazette? Click HERE to sign up!), I decided to write a bit more on the blog about the subject of party wraps. Be sure to keep reading until the end, where I describe the process of choosing a very special tichel for a very special event. Enjoy, ladies!    



Let’s be real for a moment- it’s only mid-November and I’m already talking about party season? Well… yes… but with good reason! It’s in early November each year that I attend an annual black tie event with my husband (THE black tie event of the year for us, in fact) and the preparation for this always involves careful planning of both my outfits and the scarves that I choose to go with them. Needless to say, party wraps have DEFINITELY been on my mind lately and I love dreaming up ways of making them match distinct styles of dress.

Previous years and events of this caliber have seen me wearing all sorts of intricate multi-scarf looks. Double turbansWaterfall Twists, a Tiple Zig-Zag or two… My mind always seems to equate fancy events with extra fancy wraps and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered that just a single scarf could look and feel equally as beautiful. It didn’t garner thoughts of feeling underdressed, as I had feared and there are many ways of making this work, no matter what style of dress you choose!

Many of us wind up at fancy affairs during the month of December, so with our calendars filling up and party season creeping ever-so-closer, why not start thinking about styling options now? Whether it’s celebrating the holidays, New Years Eve, or even just seasonally with friends (There are those with birthdays during this time of year, too!), let’s take a look at matching wraps to your party/fancy/formal dress wear, while letting just one scarf be the focus –  complicated multi-scarf styles optional, which is perfect for wrappers of ALL skill levels.

Your Signature Party Style

Dressing up for parties is fun and can allow us the chance to don many different garments that we wouldn’t normally look at for weekday wear. The same can be said for tichels! Once you know the theme or dress code for the occasion and have found a way to amp-up your personal style- now what? Well, it’s time to choose the perfect scarf and style of wrapping, of course!

*Remember that watching tutorials and practicing wrapping styles well before the event is always a good idea- There’s nothing worse than getting dressed and finding yourself tangled in scarves, attempting to wrap in a way you discovered just minutes before! Being prepared will help eliminate stress and give you more time to concentrate on other pre-party preparations. 

Here’s a few ideas to get your started:

Feminine Elegance

A black Ultimate Wedding Tichel tied over a very light blue 2 in 1.

Is your signature party look influenced by a feminine wardrobe? Romantic blouses and skirts, soft pastels, ruffles, laces and silks are commonly found in this woman’s closet. It can be classic and understated or include bold statement pieces, both of which pair perfectly with quite a few wrapping styles!

One of the most obvious choices of wraps for this look would be lace and there certainly are plenty of easy ways to wear it. Lace triangularshaped scarves come in a multitude of colors and are quite possibly the easiest-to-tie tichel of them all. Their sheerness also means that you can easily incorporate another colored base-scarf underneath it, for a multitude of different effects. This is not necessary, though, as there are plenty of women who simply wrap them over a black or white volumizer and call it a day, making them a quick and easy way to wrap for formal occasions.

The Ultimate Wedding Tichel (shown here) is new to my wardrobe, but has quickly become my all time favorite feminine scarf. For women who aren’t into lace (like myself), it is an excellent choice! I love how it utilizes sequins without being over the top and its beautiful silky fringe is a level of formality not found in many other tichels. The combination of sheerness, sequines and embroidery lends itself perfectly to a top made of satin or silk (see photo), which will create a party look that’s feminine, yet understated.

Suggested Tutorials:

Shira Tails (shown here)
Lovely Lace & Perfect Loop
 (2 scarves, but SO worth it!)
Easy Fancy Lace Tutorial
Silky Oblong Tichel Tutorial

Turbanista Extraordinaire

Stellar in red.

Turbans can be stunningly glamorous and look amazing at parties of all types! The women who wear them might favor trendy minimalistic outfits or big bold prints, but one thing’s for certain- a turbanista exudes CONFIDENCE where she goes!

The most comfortable scarf I’ve ever found for turban-tying is jersey, but it can sometimes be tricky to dress up for parties, particularly when worn solo.  One way to do so is by opting for a glittery version, which is such an easy way to fancify your favorite turban ‘do. Adding a glitzy pin will also take your beloved turban to the next level.

If you’ll be dressing for the most formal of occasions, even more sparkle might be necessary. A one-scarf turban tied with a tichel that has a sheen throughout is an easy way to achieve this, whether you go for one that is soft and flowy or bold and more structured. Try matching the color of your turban to your shoes and purse, for a perfectly polished, party-ready look!

Suggested Tutorials:

Ultimate Turban (shown here)
Sari Scarf Turban
Rachel’s Turban Tutorial
Comfy Jersey Turban

Boho Chic

Patterned scarf (coming soon!) over a navy Shimmery with Infinity Clasp.

Peasant skirts, maxi dresses, flowy fabrics and varying textures, are the cornerstone of this party style. Add some chunky jewelry or accessories and you’ll be good to go! But what about the wrap? Making the choice is easy, once you know how to unify your look:

  • If most of your outfit is a print- Try a solid-colored wrap: Pick one of the main colors from the print as your scarf color.
  • If most of your outfit is solid- Choose a printed scarf that contains your clothing color within its pattern.

Now, I know that I said that this post would be about letting just one scarf shine, but Naomi Rose’s photo here shows an excellent way to wear two scarves, while keeping just one as the focus. Her formal-looking Shimmery makes a wonderful accent to the patterned scarf, which dresses up the wrap subtly, ensuring that the two won’t be competing for attention. A party-ready look, for sure!

Suggested Tutorials:

Kallah’s Trick (a two-scarf tie, shown here)
Beginner’s Luck
Amped-Up Beginner’s Luck
The Countess Veil

 Bold & Beautiful

Belle of the Ball in gold over a red base scarf. 

This one focuses on how to wear boldly printed pieces in a super matchy-matchy way, with the end result being a stunning look, worthy to be worn at all sorts of parties and events!

Both the print and outfit are frequently duotone and focus on both patterns AND texture. Pattern mixing among the scarf and garment can reign supreme, but that’s not to say that solids don’t play a part, as well. I typically start with one eye-catching printed piece (say, either a dress or blouse) and then complete my outfit with one or both of that pattern’s colors throughout.

Andrea’s gold Belle of the Ball (shown here) was a perfect match for her outfit! While the shades don’t have to match perfectly (Notice the variation among reds in said photo.), keeping them within the same family is essential for this look to work. Matching a wrap to a perfectly coordinated party outfit like this will take careful planning to make sure everything is just right, but will also make a BIG impression. The payoff is so, so, SO worth it!


Suggested Tutorials:

Stephanie’s Belle of the Ball Tutorial (two scarves, with one as the focus)
Basic Sari Scarf Wrap
Miriam’s Pashmina Veil
One-Scarf Zig-Zag Criss-Cross

Retro Glam

The Shimmery in pewter.

Here’s where I get to write a bit about how I chose that very special tichel for a very special event! But first, let’s talk a some about how to pair you wraps with an ultra-glamorous, retro-inspired party look.

Vintage fashions and the headscarves that went with them have always been cohesive. From silent film stars to the globe trotters of the 1930s to Barbara Streisand’s 1970s high fashion turbans, we’ve seen complimentary pairings that were perfectly curated to both the outfit and to the wearer. The best part? Throughout history, some of the most glamorous of these looks have involved wearing just a single scarf in a similar color or pattern, complimentary to the outfit itself. Even a simple wrap tied with a glitzy scarf will look truly incredible! (more on that below)

Suggested Tutorials:

Extra Fancy Shimmery Turban (shown here)
Regal Wrap
Turban-style Regal Wrap
Yael’s 1920-style Turban
Zahava’s Chignon

So, it was keeping with all of that in mind that I began to think about what I would be wearing to this very important black tie event, but the decision was, by no means, an easy one. With a fabulous vintage-inspired dressed picked out months in advance, I had a LONG time to think about what to wear on my head, yet it really wasn’t until about a week prior that I started to give it any serious thought.

Despite what I knew about retro turbans and styling, I did find myself considering an exotic multi-scarf style to wear with my gorgeous sequined gown (This, after all, is always an easy way to look formal and there are no “rules” when it comes to wrapping), yet not a single color combination I could think of seemed to jive… not a single two-scarf style seemed to work! I was 99% sure that I wanted to wear The Shimmery, but was not at all sure of much else and was feeling immensely frustrated. A couple days before the big event, my gown had arrived and I was STILL feeling totally blank and without a single shred of inspiration. My frustration was now reaching maddening proportions.

In the end, it was my husband who suggested I drop everything I know and start from scratch, reassess all of my usual formal styles and trying something new. Oh, how right he was! You see, once I was able to take a step back and come at it from a different perspective, I realized that the reason my intricate wraps weren’t working was because they were competing far too much with my dress- an easy solution, but one that I wasn’t able to “see” previously. Simple had worked for fashionistas of the past and it was going to work for me, too!

The next question was, bright and bold or a classic monochromatic look? While the answer wasn’t immediately clear, I did get a chance to experiment some and try a few scarves on during a photoshoot the day before our event, which was immensely helpful. No matter which one I would ultimately choose, I could go into it knowing how each could be wrapped, lifting part of the indecisiveness off my shoulders and making getting ready before the event a breeze. I had narrowed it down to: The Shimmery in red (Tied in a Turban-style Regal Wrap), The Shimmery in purple (Tied in Shira Tails), Belle of the Ball (Tied on the side with a hair elastic.) and The Shimmery in pewter (Tied in an Extra Fancy Turban with a feather fascinator.).

@drewcarrying photography 


Fast forward to 24 hours later to when the night of our event was imminent, and we were about to walk out the door. The very last thing I had to do was to put on my tichel and it was then that I gave the pile of possible contenders one final look, before deciding to leave the decision up to my wonderful and loving husband. One glance was all it took- he knew exactly which one he would choose!

Marine Corps Ball 2016

What followed was an awesome evening where I felt like a million bucks and couldn’t have been happier to arrive in my one simple scarf. A little time, a little preparation, a little frustration and a little stepping back, all led to discovering my signature party look (for this event, anyway.) and I hope you all can enjoy the adventure of discovering yours, as well!

I’d love to write more about matching headscarves to the clothes that we wear! Got any requests? Let me know in the comments below. -Rachel

Rachel: Retro Glam! (Pesach Edition)

Here at Wrapunzel, one topic we get questions about time and time again is how one goes about matching tichels to their outfits. While some choose their outfit first, others  start with a scarf and many more are “switch hitters”, so to speak, alternating between the two. Most days I definitely fall into that last category, going with the flow and waiting for inspiration to strike.

However, last week, with the first night of Pesach quickly approaching, I had an awesome minimalist dress (my husband’s choice) to start with and absolutely no clue what to pair it with. The end result was a look that I got more compliments on than almost any I’ve worn before and its simplicity is truly what made it a FABULOUS tichel. At our Seder, my family simply adored it!

One Scarf Challenge – Yeah!

So, where did I start? Well, given that any color can go with black, I had a totally blank canvas- one that almost anything in my extensive tichel-wardrobe would match. This might sound like a good thing, but I felt totally intimidated and had no clue which direction to go! Alas, I had to start somewhere and my first attempt was what is almost always my fancy outfit go-to: The Shimmery. I tried a Layered Waterfall Twist using blues… then pewter and black… and then mulberry. Yet, they all felt too “loud” to go with this dress. Liking the idea of something sparkly, I moved on to my trusty green Shiny-licious, tied in a Chignon. While the green did then inspire other parts of my outfit, the scarf itself still felt like it was too much and did not match my rather subdued pre-Pesach mood.

It was then that inspiration struck and my epiphany happened: What I needed was a simple black Silky Square! Given that it’s not an oblong-shaped scarf and is therefore out of my comfort zone, I knew that my options for tying it would be limited, but this was exactly what I needed. Not to mention that its sheen matched my dress perfectly! Before putting it on my head, I added an olive drab jacket and matching suede boots (Thanks to that green Shiny-licious’ inspiration!), adding a slightly-edgy touch and bringing me closer to what ultimately became this completed look:

Now came the most important part- tying on this luxurious-feeling scarf and adding accessories! With a simple side-knot, my husband told me that I was looking like a retro movie starlet, so I knew that the finishing touches would have to match. Pearls seemed like an obvious choice (and are a personal favorite of mine), so I added my Galaxy Glimmer Pin, vintage pearl necklace and some over-the-top sparkly Art Deco-era earrings (clip-ons, no less!). In a previous lifetime, I might never have mixed gold and silver together like this, but rarely concern myself anymore with committing “fashion faux pas.”.



Well, Wrapunzelistas, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! For those celebrating Pesach, I wish you a chag kasher v’sameach! If you Wrapunzelistas are up for it, tell me, which do you choose first? Your outfit or your tichel? I’d love to hear all about the process you use in the comments section below this post!


Tamar Adina on “Tichel Intimidation”!

“Dear Wrapunzel,

I have a love/hate relationship with the weekly ‘challenges’ Wrapunzel runs. I absolutely LOVE looking at the amazing tichel photos, and I look forward to hearing what the new challenge of the week is going to be! But at the same time, I rarely participate. I’m not a newbie tichel wearer, but I’m not as put together as the other posters! I have a hard time creating pleats and I never get lace to look nice on me without having it “hurt” later in the day. I’m never sure if I’m wrapping my tichel right, I just kind of “put-it-on”. I have lots of scarves in my collection, but I don’t really have the time to play with new wraps, and sometimes I just throw on a hat to do my grocery shopping. I feel like everyone else goes to Target while wearing an amazing tichel. I dunno, seeing the photos makes me feel dowdy. Any advice?

The Frumpy Tichel Wearer”



Dear Wrapstar –

So, first of all, repeat after me: I am not dowdy. I don’t care if you are wearing a pair of oversized sweats with pink fuzzy socks while reading this — you still are not dowdy.

It sounds like you are feeling a little overwhelmed and even a bit insecure about your tichel wrapping ability. The goal of the “wrapunzeledin” challenges was never to make anyone feel intimidated, but I can feel your frustration.

Andrea’s product photo outtake. Yikes!

I’d like to share with you something that one of my favorite professors used to say constantly. She told us to remember that when we entered a patient’s room, even if we had worked with the patient 2 million times, we were still walking in “IN THE MIDDLE.” What does this mean? When walking into a patient’s room, we were seeing a snapshot of the person.   We were seeing one moment from that person’s life. If we were to run into him at another time while in Starbucks, we would like see a totally different snapshot. But in the hospital, the patient is in the middle of some type of crisis.

Even if in theory we know “everything going on” in the crisis (especially since we have a medical chart), the truth of the matter is that we are only able to see part of the story. We really don’t know what happened five minutes before. Did the patient just find out that he has to stay another night? Even though we might have known about that possibility, maybe the patient didn’t. Maybe in addition to the crisis lens, we also need to apply the “missing my pet cat” lens. Did the patient’s best friend just come by for a visit and she brought smoothies with her? That can change the lens as well.

Naomi Rose wearing *gasp* a pre-tied!

Why am I blathering on about being “IN THE MIDDLE”? Well, because that’s exactly what an Internet selfie is! You are logging into the conversation and entering “IN THE MIDDLE.” The beauty of the Wrapunzel Fangroup is that it connects many Wrapunzelistas and gives us a sense of community. Many of us don’t live close enough to each other to socialize in person, and the Fangroup offers that opportunity. At the same time, the picture that someone posts captures only one moment from a person’s day.

The photos in the Fangroup are just that – photos. They don’t tell the whole story. They tell only the information that the poster feels comfortable sharing! And while there is that rare breed that manages to look good all of the time, the truth is that the rest of us are usually “winging it” as we go. That gorgeous tichel someone posted might have taken three attempts to accomplish. Even if the poster wrote: “I had some frustration this morning,” since a picture is worth a thousand words, your brain will register the picture over the comment.

Looks like Rachel needs a nap!

Someone else might have cropped out their tummy/chest in order to hide the fact that they’ve recently gained or lost weight. Another person might have artfully used a necklace to quickly cover a ketchup stain that an adorable toddler blessed mommy with during lunch. Another wrapstar might be posting a photo during her thirty-minute lunch break – the first time all day that she had a second to tie a tichel or apply makeup. Had you seen her two hours prior while she was on the phone dealing with “that client” (you know, the one that makes you question your career choice), she would have looked slightly less polished. Or or or or or….the list is endless.

Also keep in mind that people tend to use their nicer photos as their profile pictures. So while you always see “Tamar Adina Campbell” commenting on Facebook from behind a profile picture that looks phenomenal, the real me might be typing while sitting on the couch and wearing a raggedy old college sweatshirt (yep, guilty as charged).

So while it might look like everyone else is “constantly put together,” very likely that is not quite the case. Some women will wear tichels for a week, and then take a break from elaborate ties while dealing with a sick spouse, or while on a business trip. With the number of women on the Fangroup nearing the thousands, you might not realize that a particular poster only puts a selfie up every few days.

But – (because I know there is a but), what about those women that post a tichel of the day everyday?! Or those women that I know in real life that always seem to look good? Well, the truth again might be that you are again only joining “IN THE MIDDLE”. You see the one selfie that looks amazing, you don’t see the 5 others that were deleted. You see the one tie that looks great, you don’t see that moment where she ran around trying to figure out where her shaper disappeared to.


Lastly, remember that we are our own worst critics. Nobody else will judge us nearly as harshly as we judge ourselves. So while you look in the mirror and see a messy back of the tichel, or a pleat that isn’t perfect, nobody else is giving you condemnation. In fact, it’s more likely that you will inspire someone to share their own wrap! So keep your chin up, and be proud of what you can do – we are all doing our best, and that means different things at different times.


Tamar Adina

Wrapunzel Uplifted! (and this week’s challenge)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Ladies, we were blown away by the seriously amazing Challenge of The Week submissions we received for #wrapunzeluplifted! Switching to a theme that wasn’t so black and white was one that we suspected might be difficult for some, but you all responded to it beautifully and we are thrilled to be able to share so many amazing photos, along with deeply personal messages from women far and wide!

To join in next week, check out the directions at the bottom of this post. Thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions!

Bonus: This week’s collages contains one woman wearing festive lights. Plus, two submissions from a very young wrapper! Can you find them? 

catherine L. moffatt-bush
I had been interested in covering and covered part time since 2011. After my second child was born I have had a terrible time managing depression and anxiety. In June 2015 I took the plunge to cover full time. Amazingly it has helped tremendously. Not only have I been able to manage better, I have been starting to feel like my old self for the first time in a long time. Wrapping has helped me toward the path of finding myself again. #wrapunzeluplifted – Catherine L.


emily bingham
#wrapunzeleduplifted My wrapping journey has been a lonely one. I cover in an area where for years I was the only lady who did so. I also had no support from extended family in my decision. It was heart-wrenching, difficult, and fearful at times. However, finding this group helped diminish the fear, and helped me to see myself as I truly am and to hold true to my personal convictions. And even though the same circumstances are there – (a community that does not cover and a non-supportive extended family) I am able to now see myself as a light in the world I live in. I wear my crown as a Queen and feel honored to cover. I wouldn’t be where I am in my covering journey if it wasn’t for this group! So, I am uplifted every time I come here. – Emily B.
Yasmin Diab
#wrapunzeluplifted I’ve been struggling with depression my whole life. Its especially bad arounf the holidays, and worsened by the fact that tomorrow is 1 year ago that my best friend of 16 years passed away. However. When i wrapped Monday night, i was able to smile…to genuinely smile. I felt vibrant and happy, and comforted. Definitely an uplifting experience. – Yasmin D.
Mina Vaughan
I want to share my #wrapunzeluplifted story. October 2014 my doctors found a brain tumor that I’ve had most my life that hadn’t been detected. I was devastated when the doctors suggested radiation to treat the tumor, I knew losing my hair was a great possibility. I’m a third generation hair dresser, I felt like a failure being in the beauty industry without hair. I also battled demons of not being able to have a baby with my husband, we tried for 5 years with intense fertility treatments with no answers. I was told because of the tumor it wouldn’t be possible, I could die or the baby would. After a few courses of radiation the sickness was tearing me apart emotionally and physically. I fell into an ever deeper depression not knowing if it would ever get better. I learned that the sickness was actually Hyper emesis. Happiest day of my life! I was so sick because I was pregnant! The radiation had shrunk the tumor to a point that my body resumed normal hormone production without me noticing! Shortly after I found out I was lucky enough to stumble upon Wrapunzel and the wonderful community and sisterhood. Everyday looking forward to seeing all the wraps, good news and encouragement really helped me get through 37 weeks of hospitalizations, medical treatments and numerous close calls. Every Time I wrapped I felt more human and it gave me strength to continue. Losing my hair was devastating at the time but it led me to find something even more beautiful and inspiring. Instead of just doing my hair and making myself look good, now I am making myself look and feel good about myself. Something I plan on continuing with myself, others and with my new daughter! Olivia was born last Friday (12/11/15) with no complications! I am so blessed to be given this opportunity. It was a hard, but with the encouragement of this group I was able to see it as the blessing it truly is! I want to thank each and everyone of you! I look forward to the pictures, stories and daily inspiration! You all are truly my #wrapunzeluplifted
I wore it on Tuesday, when at first I felt quite bad about myself. While getting dressed I first thought stuff like: “There’s no use putting on a beautiful scarf. You’re lazy and lethargic and ugly anyway, you know?” – the usual things so many of us would never say to someone else because it’s obvious that it’s neither fair nor true, but that somehow seems okay to say to oneself. But then I remembered your motto for the week and managed to tell those thoughts to be quiet and put on one of my favourite scarves: the Watercolour Dream, which has an amazingly soothing effect on me. And I added the red one because red and teal is a colour combination that rarely fails at cheering me up. And it really made me feel better that day. So thank you for that challenge of the week! It came at a perfect time for me! 🙂 – Sandra
Sheryl Gelatt
Had a rough exhausting day Friday and then needed to vend at a holiday event. As I finished my wrap #onescarfchallenge, after a tieing tantrum, and saw the results… #wrapunzeluplifted! My mood lifted, I made the booth fee and made enough to buy the matching bracelet. Before wrapunzel (the tutorials and the amazing community) I would have felt tired and ugly and grumpy and probably would have had a correspondingly poor evening. Thank you all for helping me accept that I matter, that I am beautiful, and that being an island doesn’t have to be lonely! – Sheryl G.
#wrapunzeluplifted because I have grave’s disease and my one eye sticks out farther than the other and my hair is thinning a little bit and I’ve struggled with feeling beautiful…bright colors like my pink pashmina and gold shimmery make me feel pretty and feminine again. wrapping makes me feel uplifted! – Ireri C.

For this week’s challenge, we’ve decided to visit an ancient fabric. One that’s delicate and holds great beauty to many. A poem about this fabric and Queen Anne was once penned by William Carlos Williams! Check out the video below:

Would you like to be featured in next week’s collage? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzeledinlace . If you would also like them featured on next week’s blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 5 headshot-style photos per person – no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email us your pictures with the subject line “Challenge of the Week.” Can’t wait to see what you create!!

An Ode to the Tichel Tantrum

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum

It’s 9am and you have less than five minutes to get out the door before you’ll be late for work. You’ve already tried four different wraps. One made you look tired, the other clashed with your shirt, the third scarf was perfect but every time you wrapped it, it slipped, and the fourth stayed put but looked too casual for that meeting you have coming up today. Your arms and wrists are cramping from holding them up above your head so long. You feel like screaming and throwing every scarf you own out the window.  Your husband comes in and asks innocently if you’re ready and you contemplate throwing the scarves at him instead of out the window.

If this has been you… you’re not alone. We’ve ALL been there. Regardless of whether we’re beginners or experienced wrappers with decades of practice, we can’t avoid the occasional TICHEL TANTRUM.

This gorgeous and oh-so-appropriate term was coined by Heather, one of the original members of our Wrapunzel Fangroup, and it enjoys frequent use to this day. One memorable day, a Fangroup member wondered whether women who cover their hair with something other than a tichel suffer the same kind of tribulations. What would we call it if a Muslim woman struggled with her hijab, or an Israeli with her mitpachat*?

What followed was an amazing outpouring of hilarious terminology, all generated by the sparkling minds of Wrapunzelers on the Fangroup. We want everyone to be able to enjoy them, so without further ado…

If it’s not QUITE a tichel tantrum you’re having, it might be:

-a hijab hissyfit
-a scarf snit
-pashmina problems
-veil vapors
-turban turbulence
-covering conundrums
-a scarf snafu
-a hijab hoopla
-a sinar scene**
-a pashmina predicament
-turban turmoil
-a scarf scene

This terrible experience might inspire some emotions and reactions, possibly including:

-feeling scarf scared
-or scarf scarred!
-wrap rage
-a wrap rant

If it’s REALLY bad, it might result in:

-turbo turban torture!
-scarf barf

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum
Tichel Tantrum Torture!

You might need:

-a bad mood snood
-some turban bourbon

BUT! Don’t worry! You will survive this, and overcome! And in time, you will come to be:

-a wrap wrangler
-a mitpachat maestro
-a hijab heroine
-a wrap whisperer
-a tichel tamer!

And you will experience:

-mitpachat nachat.***
-a tichel triumph!!

We’re loving it! Hopefully this list will convince you that no-one escapes this universal hair-covering experience… we’re tempted to tape it up in the bathroom for some perspective. Can you relate? Share your experiences (or your favorite words for tichel disasters) in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Love, Naomi Rose
PS – Now will someone PLEASE show me how to tie this turban?!

*mitpachat is the Hebrew word for head-covering, used mostly in Israel
**a sinar is an apron-shaped Israeli scarf, designed for head-wrapping
***Nachat, or its Ashkenaz variation, nachas, is a word denoting pride/gratification coming from an achievement.

Naomi Rose: The Ticheled Traveler

Ever despaired of deciding which tichels to throw into your suitcase? I’m in beautiful Israel right now, and I think I’ve finally perfected my packing strategy. Here are my favorite tips for your next trip!


Here’s a recent travel-selfie: a wrap using a sari sash and a purple 2-in-1 from yesterday in Jerusalem!


1. Don’t forget your “undergarments.” This one’s first, because you’ll want to check and DOUBLE check that you didn’t forget your no-slip velvet headband or tichel shaper! Even if you forgot to pack ANY scarves, you can buy one almost anywhere – but your essential tichel underwear is hard to replace!

2. Lay out the clothes you’re bringing as you choose tichels. It’s easier to see what’s going to work if everything you’re bringing is in front of you.

3. Use a formula (loosely): Two parts basic solid colors, one part fancy/patterned tichels, two parts accessories. 2:1:2. It’s a ratio. The first category is solid colors that match your wardrobe. The second is either special-occasion tichels (whatever that means for you – one woman’s basics are another’s night-out scarves!), or scarves with a pattern. And the third is any kind of accessory – pins, sashes, headbands, you name it.

So how do you use it? Let’s say you’re going for a long weekend, and you want a decent (but not huge) amount of scarves – you’d probably want to double the ratio, so you’d pack 4 solids, 2 fancy or patterned scarves, and 4 accessories.

This is just a guideline – don’t get too rigid about it! I don’t adhere to it 100% but these are the general proportions whenever I pack. The ratio approach saves me from silly decisions like packing 20 of my “faaaaavorite” sari scarves/patterned scarves and getting stuck because I forgot the basic colors.

How many times should you multiply the ratio? Probably x2 for a long weekend, x3 for a week, and x4 for long trip. I’m in Israel now for two months, and my ratio is about x3.5.


This balcony is just great for tichel pictures!


4. Don’t pack anything that doesn’t match at least 3 other things. ‘Things’ can mean other scarves, or pieces of clothing you’re bringing – but if it doesn’t look great next to 3 other things you’ve packed, no matter how much you love it, don’t bring it along. With this approach, you’ll be able to get a lot of different looks with a minimum of scarves! (A possible exception here might be if you’re going to a wedding or special event and have a tichel that matches your formal dress and nothing else- that would definitely be fine.)

5. Remember the weather!!! Leave your pashminas at home when traveling to hot climates, and pack extra-warm scarves for snowy situations.


And one from today. I got so many compliments on this! It’s a Liezl with two 2-in-1s and a lace sash.


What are YOUR favorite traveling tichel tips??? Share them below in the comments – we’d love to hear!