Meira: Matching Prints and Solids

Ever wondered how to match a scarf or top with a bold print to your other clothing? Not sure what goes with what? This is a common question! Check out Meira Schneider-Atik’s tips and tricks:

I’m a stylist. Among other things, I help women put together new and different outfits using what they already have. One of the questions that comes up time and time again is how to put colors together.

While I have a lot of different suggestions of how to not be afraid of trying new and different color combinations, there’s one suggestion that always works- use a print to anchor the whole thing.

If you have a printed clothing item that you love, then you know that the colors in the print go together. So use that as your base. Choose colors from the print and wear them in the outfit. You know they go because they go together in the print.

Here I am (below) wearing this awesome print dress that I found shortly before Pesach. I wore it for the first Seder and I paired it with my dark brown and taupe 2-in-1s. Those colors both show up in the print, so they work here (they’re also both neutral, so they go with everything).

You don’t necessarily have to wear a full-on print base outfit to do this. Your print could be just a subtle accent to your outfit. Here I am (above right) wearing my Bohemian Dreams scarf (one of my favorite prints) as an accent to my navy 2-in-1. My dark teal top and rich green earrings are both taken from colors in the print.

There are tons of color combinations that look amazing. Play around and find the combos that work for you. Use prints as you need them. Try to have fun with it. You can do this!


What’s your favorite way to combine prints and solids? Share with us in the comments!

“I’m over 60. Do women my age wrap?”

YES! Yes, they do!!

Wrapunzel recently had an email from a woman who was feeling discouraged. “I am a grandmother, and I would really love to see some older women wear a tichel. I‘m starting to feel like the only 61-year-old woman who wraps,” she wrote. Well, we knew she wasn’t alone, but we we really wanted her to FEEL it! So we reached out to the wider Wrapunzel community to ask wrapping women over 60 to contribute photos and quotes to send to her. We were so inspired by the results that we had to share them with you!!


Annette: “Hello, I am 65 years old (last Sunday) and love wearing Wrapunzel wraps. I feel more beautiful in a wrap and cosy in the cold weather. I don’t often wear make-up so a beautiful wrap I think makes my face look better… and the bonus is that I don’t have to fiddle around every day trying to get my hair to do the right thing.”






Susie: “I’m 61, too! Wrapping makes me feel settled in my age, rooted. Dignified. (Even in tie-dye!) Beautiful in a way that has nothing to do with our culture’s obsession with youthful perfection—which doesn’t exist, anyway. Wrap on!”








Jocelyn: “I’ll be on Medicare in a couple months which makes me 64 right now. I don’t do the big fancy wraps but I wrap almost every day (other days I wear hats).”










LC: “I’m 66 and love wrapping.”








Tzipporah: “I’m also 61 – here’s a very casual shot from the cottage last summer. Wrapping is not the norm in my community for women of any age – sheitels, sheitels, sheitels (wigs) !!! I was wrapped at the largest local kosher grocery and there was a “woman of a certain age” (i.e. mine) who kept looking at me. I thought – uh oh – she doesn’t approve or whatever. Five minutes later, she approached me, told me how gorgeous my wrap was and confided that she wraps too, but only when in Israel. That she really admired me for wrapping in oh so conservative Toronto! For me, a great example of how we can absolutely never judge what’s going on inside someone else’s mind!”






Maya: “67 years old here!”










 “Hi, I’m a 64 year old woman and wrap everyday. There are so many beautiful women here inside and out. My advise to woman of any age is ‘wrap your pretty little head!'”









Mindy: “I’m 62 plus years old. I began wrapping every day a little over a year ago in order to fulfill the mitzvah. It was a decision that took time until I was ready to fully commit myself. Until I began wrapping and joined this group I hated having my photo taken and my family insisted that future generations would think that I disappeared at age 39.

[Don’t] be discouraged and please don’t believe that everyone in the Wrapunzel Fangroup, or who wraps her hair is chronologically young and fabulous…though many of us ARE young at heart. G-d created all of us and loves us all.”






Loraleigh: “Here I am, 61! This was in the fall of last year; I recently had a birthday and still wrap.”










Shush: “Making apple butter last October. I’m 62.”









Judith: “I started wrapping around 65 yrs old.”










Bonnie: “I reached my 64th year last Friday. I don’t wrap full time but I love the flexibility.”








Evelyn: “60 and counting.”










Nurit: “I’m 63 and I have given up wigs in favor of tichels. I live in a community where wigs are more the norm, but tichels have made me feel more like my genuine self. Age has nothing to do with it – you can be as flamboyant or as sedate as you want in terms of colors and styles. Don’t pass up this opportunity to give yourself new possibilities – and make sure to share the results with the rest of us! We’re all here for each other!”






Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful pictures and inspiring words of wisdom!!! Are you an older woman who wraps, or do you have an inspiring woman in your life who does? Tell us about it in the comments! We’d love to hear more from you!

Wrapping on the Run


It takes guts to be the only lady with her hair covered – lots of our fans can attest to the challenge of being the lone wrapper in a community where no one’s familiar with the concept. Rahaf Khatib (above) lives this challenge every day! You may recognize her from our feature of her on the Wrapunzel store Facebook page. Rahaf is making history as the first covered runner to appear on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine! Check out this article to see the cover photo and read more about the reactions she got!

The Wrapunzel staff loves to exercise covered, too! Check out Naomi Herzog’s tutorial for a running tichel, and Andrea’s blog post of tichel solutions for bicyclists. Covering your hair and staying in shape can definitely go hand-in-hand!

Naomi Rose running covered!

Wrapunzelistas, do you exercise with your head covered? What are your favorite tips and tricks? We’d love to hear from you!

Penina’s Layered Lace Sash Wrap!

It’s getting warmer out there, and it’s a great time to start thinking of ways to do easy, layered wraps without a lot of weight or bulk – and without spending ages in front of the mirror! Penina Taylor is here to share her go-to layered wrap using a lace sash (we’re getting more in this week – get excited!), a 2-in-1, and a long, patterned rectangle scarf (use any scarf or sash in your closet that fits that description – Coloriffic or our new Darling Dots Sash would be great choices!). She adds in a stretchy elastic headband and sparkly pin for extra glamour – feel free to use any in your collection, or just leave them out for a simpler look!

Penina got great reviews wearing this wrap as a guest speaker at our Baltimore show – check out the photos below, and then give the wrap a try with her tutorial!


Penina Taylor speaks! “The Toybox Paradigm”

Hi Wrapunzelistas!

It’s the beginning of a new week, and many of us are probably fighting the Monday blues. Penina Taylor to the rescue! Have you found it difficult recently to celebrate others’ successes when your own life is so complicated? Is it hard not to compare yourself (or your wrap!) to everyone else’s? All of us feel like this sometimes – and Penina’s latest video is just the perfect cure. It’s quick and uplifting – watch it and get a boost! It’ll make your week so much better.

What strategies help you avoid the “Toybox Paradigm”? Have you had any challenges with this that you were able to successfully overcome? We’d love to hear more – share with us in the comments!

Happy Monday,

Naomi Rose

Mirjam’s gorgeous pashmina veil!

Veil tutorials are all the rage lately! First we had Samantha’s original Princess Wrap, then Andrea’s easy Wrapunzel Veil, then Naomi Rose with the Duchess Wrap. But all these techniques work best with large, thin scarves. Wrapunzelista Mirjam wanted to find a way to do a veil with a thick pashmina – and boy did she ever nail it! Here are some photos she sent us:

We’ve always admired Mirjam’s posts on the Fangroup for her bold individual style, impeccable dramatic makeup, and especially her seemingly magical way of making any pashmina cooperate and turn into a wrap straight out of a fairy tale! So we were SUPER excited when she sent us a tutorial video to share. Without further ado, here she is:


Lady Wrap Star: Meet Victoria!

Have you ever met a hair-covering Buddhist? We’re always amazed at the sheer number and diversity of spiritual backgrounds that inspire women to cover their hair. Check out Victoria’s beautiful and personal story below – and don’t miss her stunningly elegant wrapping style!

My name is Victoria Hogan. I’m a soap maker, business owner, homesteader, and blogger on I began wrapping part-time about five years ago, after much debate and thought. My mother is Vietnamese and a Dharma Buddhist, while my father is Irish-Romanian and Cherokee and a practicing Wiccan. I felt more connected to Buddhism, and it’s actually the main reason I wrap my hair.

My hair has always been the subject of envy from my friends. I have fine but dense hair, and in a very dark brown that is almost black. “Asian hair”, my friends would call it. People would always ask me “can I touch your hair!” Some people wouldn’t even ask and would just come up and grab it. I also would fuss over my hair, spending lots of money on conditioners and masks and product to make it look the way I wanted it. I would bother my mother to spend hours on styling it, and would spend a lot of money getting it cut the way I liked it. It became a nuisance and a distraction.

When I began practicing Buddhism in earnest, attending temple and such, I noticed the nuns all had their heads shaved bald just as the monks did. Some wore little sock caps and such, but they were completely bald. They do this to show humility, that they care not for things of this world, and that they are beyond the vanity of their hair. I did more research on the matter and learned that there are some nuns who wear coverings over their head, and that it’s common for nuns to shave bald or cover their hair. After thinking it over, noticing how vainly I viewed my hair, and debating with myself I came to the decision that as a layperson in the Buddhist faith I would cover my hair.

To me hair is a woman’s glory, her pride and joy. It’s considered a status symbol to have glorious, beautifully kept, healthy hair. I used to be so preoccupied with my hair, that it became the thing that I let define myself. I began covering my hair because I wanted to remind myself that I am more than my hair, that my vanity is less important than reaching Enlightenment and Nirvana. I began wrapping and wearing hats and snoods over my hair so I could stop focusing on how my hair looked and remember the important things: family and faith.

I cover for my faith, and I don’t let fear of what others may say and do stop me. We go often to Antwerp, where I can safely wrap because of the large Jewish population. When I’m not safe at home or among others who would not mind, I don’t wrap but wear a snood or hat. I’m glad to share my story with such amazing, beautiful women and I hope you find my story enjoyable!