Mirjam’s gorgeous pashmina veil!

Veil tutorials are all the rage lately! First we had Samantha’s original Princess Wrap, then Andrea’s easy Wrapunzel Veil, then Naomi Rose with the Duchess Wrap. But all these techniques work best with large, thin scarves. Wrapunzelista Mirjam wanted to find a way to do a veil with a thick pashmina – and boy did she ever nail it! Here are some photos she sent us:

We’ve always admired Mirjam’s posts on the Fangroup for her bold individual style, impeccable dramatic makeup, and especially her seemingly magical way of making any pashmina cooperate and turn into a wrap straight out of a fairy tale! So we were SUPER excited when she sent us a tutorial video to share. Without further ado, here she is:


9 thoughts on “Mirjam’s gorgeous pashmina veil!

    1. Mirjam.

      Hy! Thank you for your comment, I am glad you liked it!
      Actually I have a muslim friend (and collegue: we are both german teachers), she covers also but with a hijab, and she was wondering how to do a hijab with borders showing also. Maybe you could make a tutorial? Because 1: she is too shy to ask, so I told her that I will ask the wrapunzel ladies for her because in the weekly challenges there are muslims women also, with is very nice to see (and when I saw your comment I thought maybe you are the right person to ask this!) and 2: because I try to help her with her scarves (she is not covering for a long time yet, so she is experimenting some troubles sometimes), I figured out that a hijab is pretty hard to tie in a beautiful way. Could you (or someone else) make a hijab-tutorial?
      Hugs, Mirjam.


  1. She is incredibly beautiful, and this look is gorgeous. The wrap I did with the signature scarf was just like Andrea’s veil tutorial. I had on a velvet headband, a folded square scarf as an underscarf, and no shaper. I tied a knot on top of my bun and flipped the knot around the way Andrea showed, and then I flipped everything back. No pins, but you could certainly use one for security and/or decoration.


  2. This is so beautiful and (seems) quite simple (?). Can’t wait to try it with my signature scarf and I have a gorgeous pin my friend sent me that is just dying to hold together those pleats!!


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