Basic Techniques for Square Scarves


Here is a detailed tutorial that goes with the “Beautiful Basics” video.  These ties are for square scarves, and are incredibly versatile!  These are the ties that one should master first before moving on to more complicated styles.  This video is also a review for those that want to brush up on basic techniques.


14 thoughts on “Basic Techniques for Square Scarves

  1. Really like this this video. I am going to have to invest in a volumizer for the square ties to look nice. I like the bun look so much but the snood with a sock or small scarf just doesn’t look as nice.


  2. I seem to be able to manage the wraps with the longer scarves much better than I can any with square scarves. Not sure if it is just the scarves I have ( size or materials), or something I am doing wrong…I cant seem to get a smooth profile at the back, cant get it to look neatly tied or tucked in, even with my smaller scarves it seems like I have wads and wads of fabric that doesn’t fit anywhere!!! any tips???


  3. I discovered your great videos a few months ago. I too am new to covering, and it really adds to the dress code….lovingly. Could you give us a clue as to where we go to buy the larger kerchiefs…the smaller ones just don’t result in all the wrapping and tucking necessary. I have no audio on my computer at this time….don’t know why…but is there any transcript of the audio on the first video you show..talking about the hair , breakage and possible headaches?…..I wish I was in Israel, or in a place where other women cover…being the only one in the Upper Idaho area….I get lots of stares….Thanks for being there for us newbees……jean Selman


    • I have been covering but in a much different style. I was part of a German Baptist Brethren church. They use a sheer bonnet style. I am in Washington state and there are many people who do not cover, but I did not let that stop me. G-d bless.

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  4. Andrea, I am so excited, my velvet headband and volumiser have arrived!!! YAY, now i can start with silk!!! Thanks again for all your amazing videos.
    Jenny in Australia


  5. Thanks so much for your videos. I am not covering for religious reasons, but because I lost my hair to cancer. Yours are the first that I’ve found that I like the style of the wrap and that no matter which styles, the whole head is covered. This is all so new to me so I really appreciate your beginner vids.


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