Fancy Tutorial Alert!

Hello, Wrapunzel World! This is Rachel writing. Sometimes you need a REALLY great headwrap. One with a huge WOW factor, that’s full of elegance and grace. A true head-turner, so to speak! We’ve got two new tutorials from skillfully-wrapped Wrapunzelistas that fit the bill perfectly and are thrilled to be able to share them with you today:

Stepanie (Belle of the Ball) - WrapunzelFirst, we have Stephanie in her Wrapunzel tutorial debut (Remember her from our most recent Lady Wrap Star post?)! She recently discovered  an incredible solution to tying a rather tricky scarf and the end result is truly breathtaking.

Starting with her “Wendy” Beret Volumizer as a base, she then combined a silver Belle of the Ball and dark blue 2 in 1 to create this sophisticated side-knot, which is perfect  for even the most formal of affairs!

Stephanie tells us that almost any very thin scarf will work with this wrap style, which got me thinking of other possible combinations. Trying it with a Shiny-licious is at the top of my list!


Jasmin (Shimmery - Shiny-licious) - Wrapunzel2At the other end of the spectrum, we have the triumphant return of Jasmin and her stunningly glamorous shimmery wrap! This seemingly effortless (it’s not as complex as it looks, I swear!) and creative style is perfect for the woman who loves intricate-looking wraps without tails (myself included).

Like Stephanie, she also started with her “Wendy” volumizer (you need a LOT of volume to wear under this wrap), before moving on to her mix of The Shimmery (in both light olive and navy) and a  Shiny-licious (in mulberry). The end result is big, bold and beautiful- a real statement wrap!


Enjoy, ladies!


World Wrapunzel! Hebrew & Spanish Tutorials!

Have you met Liona?  If you are a part of the Wrapunzel community and have been keeping up with our challenge posts, you’ve definitely seen her beautiful face!  Here’s what you didn’t know about her:

This is Liona!  Drumroll….

Liona is Wrapunzel’s official Spanish and Hebrew tutorial contributor!  She has been making tutorials so we can reach even more women across the world!  WOohoo!  We are crazy about her beautiful voice, language skills, and caring touch that she brings to her teaching – check it out!  (Even if you don’t understand, you will fall in love with how she speaks.)  This is something that has been requested over and over, and we are so happy to finally be able to provide you with this amazing resource!  Spread the word!  Yay Liona!

Hebrew Tutorials:

Spanish Tutorials:

Check out our youtube channel regularly for more tutorials!  WOohooo!!  Welcome to the Wrapunzel Team, Liona!

Naomi Rose: Shimmery Pigtails Tutorial!



13523867_10206175599380257_2103937530_oHere at Wrapunzel, we have never been shy with sharing our love for The Shimmery. This was one of the first tichels that Andrea wrapped with – even before Wrapunzel was a store – and its high demand has truly made it one of the most popular tichels on! We often applaud this tichel for its beautiful fringe and glorious sheen, which can elevate even the most simple of wraps to formal-status, seemingly instantly!

Are you looking for a fabulous new way to wrap your favorite Shimmery?  Enter Naomi Rose’s latest tutorial! The possibilities are endless with this wrap. She combined her brown Shimmery with a teal Shiny-licious, but you could easily experiment with other tichels, as well. A Dewdrop Sparkle, your favorite pashmina or 2 in 1 would all work swimmingly!


Check it out:

Sara’s Tutorial: The It’s Knot Hard Wrap!

Hi, ladies! It’s Friday and that means that many of us are getting ready to don our fancy wraps for Shabbat and other weekend events. Are you looking to try out a new tichel style? One that’s intricate-looking, yet not nearly as difficult to execute as it seems? Do you have an abundance of 2 in 1s or other thin scarves lying around? Fangroup member Sara has the solution!

In celebration of our #wrapunzeledinsunshine Challenge of the Week, she used burgundy, exotic spice and saffron 2 in 1s to come up with this cheerful, sunshine-inspired triple knot, and it is one of the most creative wraps we’ve ever seen! Not only that, but it has 3 variations: tails down, hanging braid, and tucked braid; each version being more fabulous than the next!

Gorgeous, right?!!


After receiving a boatload of requests, Sara made this fantastic tutorial, which we are SO excited to share with you! Without further ado….. here’s Sara!


An Extra Fancy Double-knot Turban!

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a turban-a-holic. No, really, I’m 100% addicted to them and frequently find myself standing in front  of the mirror, experimenting with new scarves and different ways to tie them on. The possibilities are seemingly endless! Despite that fact, lately I had begun to feel a little bored with my usual go-to styles and had been looking for something new. Then, this past Shabbat, I finally found what I was looking for and discovered my favorite turban to date! I had tied similar turbans before, but never thought to layer them in this way. Why oh WHY did it take me so long to try it out?!

With my trusty teal Shiny-licious  and black/white/teal Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1, I got to work, layering them on, tying some knots and tucking the tails. The result was a formal looking wrap that almost looks like a french braid!

I’ve tried it another few times since and each attempt has led to the same smashing results. Any thin scarf will do- even 2 in 1’s! High volume, low volume and everything in between- this wrap has seriously got it going on! If you’re a turban addict like myself, this one is definitely worth giving a go.

 Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1, New York Brights & a duo of Shiny-licious scarves!


And… the tutorial! Hope you have fun with this one, ladies!


Hearing Equipment? No Problem!

One question that we get asked from time to time is how women with hearing aids and cochlear implants manage to wear head scarves. Does it affect the device’s functionality? How about volume level? Will the sound be muffled? Enter Wrapunzel fangroup member Mia, who ever so graciously made us this informative video on the ins and outs of wrapping with hearing equipment! She uses Wrapunzel head scarves and wrapping accessories to show you how it’s done and shares some incredibly useful tips and tricks, as well. Thank you, Mia!!!


Do you wrap your head with hearing equipment? What works for you? We’d LOVE to hear about it in the comments below!

“Wrapunzel Under Wraps” part 2 – Very Short Hair

Many of you have seen our first “Under Wraps” video and infographic from last summer:

Shaper Comparison

Both became popular very quickly, as many women had been requesting clarification of the differences between shapers and what exactly goes on underneath wraps, for some time! However, for women with little-to-no hair,  these were not accurate representations of how our Essential Tools might work for them. Most Shapers give quite a different look when a bun or pony tail isn’t present underneath and until now, we didn’t have a proper visual guide to illustrate this.

Without further ado, may we present both our newest infographic and “Under Wraps” tutorial, showcasing all four Wrapunzel shapers, when worn over very short hair!

Shaper Comparison Final


Layered Artsy Side Swoop!



Here is a look that I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately! It’s formal, dramatic and fun, and is an excellent tie for pashminas with fancy borders (Especially the Shine On, seen here)! Adding a 2-in-1 and Shiny-licious to the mix gives a nice variety of texture and added interest. My favorite part of this style, though, is the unique “side swoop,” which can give the wearer the feeling of hair, without hanging tails!

*Please note that this style requires the use of pins and is not for the faint of heart! It is definitely more suited to more experienced wrappers and those who don’t mind the wearing the weight of multiple scarves.



You might recognize this version from our Most Popular Tichels video!


After many requests, I was finally able to film a tutorial, so without further ado, may I present to you the Layered Artsy Side Swoop!


A New Method for Pleating


Hi ladies, it’s Rachel here and I’m super excited to be able to share this brand new tutorial with you today! Many of you have probably seen Naomi Rose’s incredible video called Perfect Pleating, where, using painstaking detail, she shows us how to create the most perfect pleats ever (I’m not even exaggerating!) with step-by-step instruction. Her video is a must-watch for tichel wearers, yet despite Naomi’s meticulous attention to detail, many women still find creating pleats to be a challenging task. Until somewhat recently, I was included in that group and through experimentation with various ties, have come up with an alternative method to pleating, which I’m hoping will be helpful for some of you, who might be struggling like I have!

Like Naomi’s, this method will work if you need one pleat or many, but is not compatible with the One-scarf Zig-Zag wrap. You can check it out right here:

Have you developed your own method to creating pleats? What works for you? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Cozy (and chic) Pashmina Turban with Rachel!

Back in August, on our Wrapunzel Fangroup, a member shared this photo of a beautiful wintry wrap star:

12037966_10153400239058145_3837748890308579262_n (1)
(Photo credit unknown – if you have the source, please let us know so we can credit it!)


Of course everyone wanted to figure out how that gorgeous wrap was done… and who better than our amazing turban guru, Rachel!! Grab your favorite pashmina (or any long rectangular scarf that catches your fancy), and check out her latest tutorial to learn this beautiful style:


Naomi Rose: Easy 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Hi everybody!

At Wrapunzel we try very hard to make detailed tutorials for beginners, as well as complicated, fancy videos for more advanced wrappers. But in my daily wraps I often find myself occupying a middle space – I usually do something a bit more involved than a Regal Wrap or the Easiest Long Scarf Wrap, but definitely not anything very time-consuming or formal. So for anyone else that would like to go beyond one scarf but not spend too much time in front of the mirror, here’s one of my most favorite daily styles – the 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Photo on 8-25-15 at 4.53 PM #2

And here’s how to do it:

Do you also find yourself gravitating toward middle-difficulty wraps? Do you have a favorite? Share it with us!!


Naomi Rose

Some REALLY Awesome Tutorials!

I’ve known Rachel for a while now, and had the immense pleasure of meeting her in person at the Wrapunzel Cleveland Show!  She has recently made some really wonderful tutorials… variations on classics and also her own super cool turbans that don’t require any volume at the back!  Check them out!  I see a future Wrapunzel tutorial maker, don’t you?

How to fake an extra long Israeli Tichel:

Rachel’s Turban (no volume needed!)

Rachel’s Turban #2 (also no volume needed!)

Criss Cross with a Tail:

The Double Yael with a Tail:

… and for those of you wondering: YES, we are working on getting 100% Jersey scarves at Wrapunzel.  Get excited!

Naomi Rose’s “Twist” on the Yael!

Naomi Rose has created an awesome twist on the “Yael” wrap!  In it, she uses two scarves instead of one, which highlights the angles and twist more than if you’re using just once scarf.  LOVE IT!!!

Two Scarf Yael Wrapunzel Two Scarf Yael Wrapunzel

Here’s the tutorial:

And here I am, trying it out with two 2 in 1s!  LOVE IT!!!

Perfect summer wrap!
Perfect summer wrap!

Enjoy!  Can’t wait to see what you ladies come up with for this one!