Naomi Rose: Shimmery Pigtails Tutorial!



13523867_10206175599380257_2103937530_oHere at Wrapunzel, we have never been shy with sharing our love for The Shimmery. This was one of the first tichels that Andrea wrapped with – even before Wrapunzel was a store – and its high demand has truly made it one of the most popular tichels on! We often applaud this tichel for its beautiful fringe and glorious sheen, which can elevate even the most simple of wraps to formal-status, seemingly instantly!

Are you looking for a fabulous new way to wrap your favorite Shimmery?  Enter Naomi Rose’s latest tutorial! The possibilities are endless with this wrap. She combined her brown Shimmery with a teal Shiny-licious, but you could easily experiment with other tichels, as well. A Dewdrop Sparkle, your favorite pashmina or 2 in 1 would all work swimmingly!


Check it out:

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