Over/Under Wrap

Whenever I wear this wrap, others are befuddled by the mechanics of it.  It’s mamash (very) simple!  Just make sure one end of the first scarf that you tie is longer, so you can wrap it over the second one in the end.  Happy wrapping!

Music – Brahms Piano Trio #1 – 2nd mvnt

5 thoughts on “Over/Under Wrap

  1. LeeAnn

    Andrea, I don’t know if it is my computer or what but this video is shutting off at 1:04 and that only shows where you put the second scarf on and not the rest. Thought you should know.


    1. Hi LeeAnn – mine seems to be working. Is it still not working and is anyone else having this problem? Sometimes youtube gets overloaded and is glitchy for a few hours so maybe that is what happened.


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