4 thoughts on “Other

  1. Adina

    Hi. I started to cover my hair four months ago, which is also when I began having dandruff. I’m wondering if anyone else has a similar experiences, and if there are any tips on the matter


    1. Libby

      Did not try it,but I saw advice about using conditioner and THEN to shampoo your hair,for not making your hair so dry.


  2. Lisa Wilkins

    I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus; the disease has caused my hair to fall out. Instead of wearing a wig I decided to wrap my head. I am new to wrapping and struggle with different styles and techniques. I just happen to find Wrapunzel while searching YouTube for ideas. I had no idea you could create so many beautiful styles. I love the videos! I can spend hours watching them and attempt my version of the wrap.
    One of the tutorials “ Fire & Spice” had a beautiful scarf I would like to see in the shop. I really love the various colors and styles Wrapunzel has to offer.


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