World Wrapunzel! Hebrew & Spanish Tutorials!

Have you met Liona?  If you are a part of the Wrapunzel community and have been keeping up with our challenge posts, you’ve definitely seen her beautiful face!  Here’s what you didn’t know about her:

This is Liona!  Drumroll….

Liona is Wrapunzel’s official Spanish and Hebrew tutorial contributor!  She has been making tutorials so we can reach even more women across the world!  WOohoo!  We are crazy about her beautiful voice, language skills, and caring touch that she brings to her teaching – check it out!  (Even if you don’t understand, you will fall in love with how she speaks.)  This is something that has been requested over and over, and we are so happy to finally be able to provide you with this amazing resource!  Spread the word!  Yay Liona!

Hebrew Tutorials:

Spanish Tutorials:

Check out our youtube channel regularly for more tutorials!  WOohooo!!  Welcome to the Wrapunzel Team, Liona!

10 thoughts on “World Wrapunzel! Hebrew & Spanish Tutorials!

  1. Dee Best

    Loved the tutorials in Hebrew and Spanish even though I’m not fluent in either. But I could still understand how to wrap my hair. Awesome😊!!!


  2. I just want to say that I found you by accident and I am so grateful! I was down and looking at head wraps and will start Chemo soon. I thought the head covers would be ugly and drab but you make them beautiful and I will rock these with appreciation! Thank you for these!

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  3. Dina

    Liona, yafeh meod! Very beautiful for those who don’t know Hebrew. I haven’t lived in Israel for a while, so I loved hearing it in Hebrew and loved hearing tails as zanav. I had forgotten that!

    My later experience with Spanish speakers are Mexican dialects in New Mexico, USA, but you sound like you are from South America. Reminds me of my friends in Israel from Argentina and Ecuador. It was great hearing you speak.

    I’m sure this way, Wrapunzel will get more Israelis as well as our Spanish speaking friends. Liona, you did so well with the videos. Kol Hakavod!

    And, it fits with this next challenge in using only one tichel or scarve and no bling. But, the NY Brights and the Shimmery have their own bling. And, with the NY Bright video, I learned a new way of using them that I hadn’t thought of doing. I had seen Rachel gather up from the back to the top of the head with the T-shirt tichels, and I still haven’t gotten it right. Now, I have a new way to try it.

    Thanks for making Wrapunzel more international and especially being able to reach more Israelis. When I was in Israel last summer, I think people didn’t understand how I was wrapping and I did feel very odd. Now, they will see how much more beautiful they can be instead of wearing some of those snoods and caps. (My best friend wears a cap, and she wanted to stick with it. But, I work as a fiber artist, and I see my tichels as a way to express my artistic side.

    Liona, I will be looking for more of your videos. You did a great job with these. Shalom and Adios!

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  4. Wow! It was perfect the new information by Liona! I have just loved it for I am getting to learn Hebrew Language and this way, I am able to practice it! LOL! And as I am brazilian, I am able to understand a bit of spanish tutorial as well!

    Congratulation all of you as a Team and thank you very much indeed. Shalom shalom from Brazil!


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