Some REALLY Awesome Tutorials!

I’ve known Rachel for a while now, and had the immense pleasure of meeting her in person at the Wrapunzel Cleveland Show!  She has recently made some really wonderful tutorials… variations on classics and also her own super cool turbans that don’t require any volume at the back!  Check them out!  I see a future Wrapunzel tutorial maker, don’t you?

How to fake an extra long Israeli Tichel:

Rachel’s Turban (no volume needed!)

Rachel’s Turban #2 (also no volume needed!)

Criss Cross with a Tail:

The Double Yael with a Tail:

… and for those of you wondering: YES, we are working on getting 100% Jersey scarves at Wrapunzel.  Get excited!

13 thoughts on “Some REALLY Awesome Tutorials!

  1. Sandra

    Thank you so much for these tutorials! I’ve been wearing the Yael wrap with two scarves for a few days in a row now und just thought: “I like that, but… I wish it had tails hanging down!” And what do I find? Your tutorial on the Yael wrap with tails! I guess I know what I’ll be trying tomorrow… (And probably the criss-cross with the tail afterwards…)


  2. britta greenleigh

    i love jersey. i use a black infinity jersey scarf to make a turban for work. looks so cool and is super easy. thanks for the tutorials


  3. ennlowe

    Rachel, you are so awesome! I love your tutorials, and I love the fact that you had red and black hair…when my daughter was 6 (almost 7) she was inspired to have blue and pink hair…she drew it out, complete with hairstyle and everything, and because she did such a great job, I took her to a salon and allowed her to have her hair dyed…half blue, half pink…that was at the beginning of the school year (September 2014) for Grade 2…in October, once the blue and pink were fading, she decided she wanted red and black, so back to the salon we went and she got a red and black angled bob…it looked so fabulous on her! Most people can’t believe that I allowed my 7 year old to dye her hair…but most of them can’t believe I cover mine, so I don’t pay much attention to that! lol Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your tutorials – you did a great job and I am definitely going to try some of them. Thank you!


    1. Aw, thank you so much for sharing that story and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the tutorials! I think it’s wonderful that you’re letting your daughter experiment with her hair and she must have been the coolest kid in school. Dying mine exotic colors was so much fun, but I don’t miss the upkeep. Wearing tichels has allowed me to enjoy great nostalgia, though, whenever I wear one that matches a color from my youth. I hope the wraps that you try work out well for you!


  4. Kimberly

    Rachel, thanks for the tutorials! I had just this week been thinking about trying jersey and seeing your video was really helpful. Anywhere you’d recommend for jersey scarves until Wrapunzel gets theirs in stock? Also your take on the Yael is gorgeous and I like the way you fan out the fabric after the twist. Hope you post more things!
    Truly excited indeed for Wrapunzel to carry jersey scarves!


    1. Thank you so much, Kimberly. I’m glad to hear that you liked my version of the Yael! I found my jersey scarves in a local department store in the U.S. and they seem to be pretty easy to find during the summer time. Hope that helps!


  5. lourdes

    Thanks for the tips. Recently I’ve lost a large portion of my hair. I use to have so much I never had to rely on a volumizer. About a year after my daughter’s birth I started to shed hair at a steady rate. At first I thought it was cuz I didn’t take good care of it but my Dr said it was more about hormones. Having had my daughter especially at my age (then 47), it was a common thing. Eventually the shedding slowed down since trimming and taking better care of it but not before I lost a large amount. Now, my bun is puny….barely stays on. I had a hard time with my former volumizer since it was too small for my head. But since wrapunzel’s new shaper and your tips, wrapping has become what it once was. Thanks again and God bless.


  6. Susan

    I Love the look of a scarf. but my head is flat on the back, mostly and my hair is very fine and thin. therefore the scarf wont stay. I also HATE a wig…..any suggestions would be great.


    1. Hi, Susan. I wrap with just a few inches of hair and unless I’m wearing a turban, like you, need volume in the back to keep my scarves up. A volumizer is made for women like us, who need a little something in the back to help out. Wrapunzel has some great ones in their store. That and a velvet headband will keep it all from slipping. Hope that helps!


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