Being Silly!

Good morning to you all!  Thought I’d switch it up and post a goofy photo of my tichel today.  I’m wearing my Watercolor Dream (seriously, am I ever gonna get tired of this tichel?) wrapped up in a Yael ‘do.  I love how you can really see the wrap with this scarf… definitely gonna do this again!

Photo on 6-23-15 at 10.40 AM
Gooooooood morning!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!  Sending lots of love, hugs, and giggles! ❤

7 thoughts on “Being Silly!

  1. Andrea,

    Hope you don’t mind a wee personal note….it’s not tichel related, and is personal, so I thought it better: just wanted to say thanks for a lovely memory which your title brought back.

    My lovely husband who beamed up to heaven, last year, after so many years of strokes and health decline, had a wonderful sense of humour. Like many couples, we had some little daft private jokes; private in the sense that they wouldn’t make sense to others, rather than private ‘rude’, I should emphasise 🙂

    Anyway, when either one of us, or one of the cats, was doing something daft, we’d often say, “just being silly! Just being silly!” in a particular way, and then often crack up laughing, and I could hear him saying that as I read this….such a sweet memory. Still smiling.

    Hope this makes sense….thanks for all you do, and it’s a pleasure to be in the Wrapunzel group.

    Dawns just breaking over the east coast of Scotland…..wishing you a lovely, peaceful day.


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