Some Fun Outfits!

Before Shabbat came in, my husband said, “I love your outfit!  Don’t move!”  And then he snapped this picture.  I loved how the Watercolor Dream looked with the light teal Shimmery… and the lace shirt and lace skirt.  I felt so myself in this!

Loving these colors!
Loving these colors!

And on Sunday, I was inspired by another Wrapunzel lady to wear my signature skirt as a dress!  So much fun!

Signature (Skirt) Dress!
Signature (Skirt) Dress!

And here is my tichel… I would have never put these colors together until I saw the skirt!

double braid wrapunzel
oops – forgot to tuck in that fringe-y bit!

Sending love to you all!  Enjoy enjoy the beauty that surrounds us!

12 thoughts on “Some Fun Outfits!

  1. Both outfits and tichels are so pretty! I’ve been wanting to try my watercolor dream with a teal base. So far I’ve worn it in its own. I just love the range of colors in it. You have such great style 🙂


  2. jenniferkmarsh

    I adore you lace shirt!! 😮 Oh my goodness I must find or make one!
    Also, your second outfit with the signature skirt as a dress is gorgeous, and the tichel colours fit perfectly ^^


  3. dolphingirl7k

    Would you mind if I asked you some I suppose personal questions (advice I guess).  I am 18 and need some help from someone who also wears a headcount that is older as and has had more experience. Thank you.

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  4. Kimberly

    Such June colors! The world is so soaked in these bright, lush colors just now – what a beautiful reflection of God’s creation. I’ve been looking for brightly colored summer shirts like the one you’re wearing with the skirt – do you remember where you found it? Thanks for all your sweet labor on this blog – inspirational every day!


  5. Sandra

    So beautiful! Both wraps and outfits are amazing, and you look so joyous and serene in them!
    (And now I feel like doing a double braid with similar colours soon… dark red, teal and purple, probably. After the Yael wrap with tails and the criss-cross… At least the next few morning won’t get boring! 🙂 )


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