Check out this AWESOME article!

Look at this awesome article written in the Jewish Chronicle in the UK!  Our very own Wrapunzel lady, Judy Silkoff, wrote it!  Yay… love it!

Jewish Chronicle Article Wrapunzel

6 thoughts on “Check out this AWESOME article!

  1. Victoria

    So lovely! I myself cover as a Buddhist and I’m forever grateful for Wrapunzel. It’s good to see y’all getting the attention you deserve. 🙂


  2. Fresia F Fabrega Brevis

    I’m Sefardim and we do not wear wigs. I did not like the plain snoods. The answer? Volumisers and the awesome scarves. Thank you. I have many scarves but I still need to learn more beautiful ways to wear them. I love my Wrapunsel signature pashmina


  3. I’m not religious, but last year I donated my hair to a charity that makes wigs for young kids going through chemotherapy. I went from having hip length hair to a bob that barely skims my jaw. Up until then, I’d had long hair all my life and it’s been a struggle coming to terms with all the nice things I now can’t do with my hair, even though I like the bob enough to have kept it. I’m hoping that wrapping will give me a chance to do something a bit more creative, expressive and fun on days when I’m feeling a bit flat and low about my appearance. I’m new to the wrapping world, having only stumbled across Wrapunzel a couple of weeks ago, but I hope to be around for a while. I already ordered a signature scarf 🙂


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