The Wrapunzel Husband Challenge!-

We love this idea!!  Try having your husband wrap a tichel on himself!  Hilarity will ensue 🙂

Wrapunzel Husband Challenge

– No practicing beforehand!
– Have your do his best to wrap a tichel on himself
– You can instruct him, but you cannot touch his work
– And let us know how it goes!
– Post on your wall and tag #wrapunzelhusbandchallenge or share it on the fangroup!
(Or you can email us about how it went or if you take a video, send a dropbox (or similar) file to – if we get enough submissions we’ll make a mashup video as well as a post!)

17 thoughts on “The Wrapunzel Husband Challenge!-

  1. Diane Drexler-Little

    Great way to connect with your husband and have fun. And who knows where it can lead (in the bedroom not wearing dresses:)

    Considering that am in Israel right now, and my husband is several thousand miles away in Maine caring for our dog, there is no way I could try this. So, I will need to wait until August to try it, if he is willing:)

    IGreat idea for Purim, too. And, this will give our husbands an idea why it sometimes takes a while to get ready.

    Love that your husband is enjoying this.



    I am not sure how so send you new photos. If this is not the way, please advise. “Celebrating USA Independence day in my own special way.”


  3. rachelli

    your husband deserves a medal for trying, I laughed my way thru the video, my hubby has no interest in trying to tie a tichel.


  4. Molly Batya

    My video can’t be sent by Facebook or email for some reason! Too long maybe? It’s only 2 min. Please advise! We had fun. Good Sunday distraction.


  5. Jocelyn

    I give you’re husband a lot of credit! My husband doesn’t watch wrap so would have no idea how to do it. He’s amazed by how my tichels turn out. I’m happy with that.


  6. Kimberly

    I have never seen such a manly-looking tichel! The blue really sets off the red beard, true 😉 Thanks for posting this! Made me laugh.


  7. Yael Sarah

    Am I the only person who feels a little uncomfortable about this? A Queen’s crown is for the Queen only. A King puts on his own crown, not the Queen’s. Would the Queen put on the King’s Tefillin and Tallit?

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    1. Yael Sarah – I hear ya… but take a look at pictures of the Ben Ishai and other gedolim from that time – they all wore turbans! This is not like putting on Tefillin/Tallit – my husband (and many others that we’ve spoken to) would totally wear turbans if it was socially appropriate!


      1. Yael Sarah

        I get that, and understand you, Andrea. I think turbans on men look good. However, a man wearing his wife’s headwrap doesn’t make sense when looking at Deuteronomy 22:5. Perhaps I am too frum to understand.


        1. We looked into it and it wasn’t a problem for us 🙂 A scarf is not ‘women’s clothing’ nor was he going out in public or pretending to be a woman. I can see why you would find it an issue but ask your LOR and you’ll get your answer. I’m sure everyone would hold differently but we were perfectly fine with it! Sorry for making you uncomfortable.


          1. Yael Sarah

            Thank you very much for the suggestion to speak to my LOR! He was in agreement with my concerns, based on that the scarf belonged to a woman and had previously been worn by a woman. As you say, we all hold differently. I respect you very much and I thank you kindly for responding to my concerns.


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