The DT – Double Twist!

Check out this new ‘twist’ on The DB (double braid!)  It’s so easy and loved how the colors blended together with the twisting technique!  And for those that don’t braid on Shabbat, this is a great solution!

I wore this to a family reunion so these are a few cropped photos of how it looked on me!  Wearing three 2 in 1s in turquoise, brown, and teal 🙂

What colors do you think YOU will try this with?  Can’t wait to see your gorgeous blended combos!

9 thoughts on “The DT – Double Twist!

      1. I had no idea! But if twisting or braiding is seen as related to rope making, it is logical that some people won’t do that on Shabbos. (I always learn new things when I come here, it seems.) But I guess there will be many other opportunities to wear this beautiful wrap.


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