An Extra Fancy Double-knot Turban!

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a turban-a-holic. No, really, I’m 100% addicted to them and frequently find myself standing in front  of the mirror, experimenting with new scarves and different ways to tie them on. The possibilities are seemingly endless! Despite that fact, lately I had begun to feel a little bored with my usual go-to styles and had been looking for something new. Then, this past Shabbat, I finally found what I was looking for and discovered my favorite turban to date! I had tied similar turbans before, but never thought to layer them in this way. Why oh WHY did it take me so long to try it out?!

With my trusty teal Shiny-licious  and black/white/teal Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1, I got to work, layering them on, tying some knots and tucking the tails. The result was a formal looking wrap that almost looks like a french braid!

I’ve tried it another few times since and each attempt has led to the same smashing results. Any thin scarf will do- even 2 in 1’s! High volume, low volume and everything in between- this wrap has seriously got it going on! If you’re a turban addict like myself, this one is definitely worth giving a go.

 Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1, New York Brights & a duo of Shiny-licious scarves!


And… the tutorial! Hope you have fun with this one, ladies!


13 thoughts on “An Extra Fancy Double-knot Turban!

  1. Donna H.

    Wow, oh Wow! Rachel, I wear nothing but turbans and you have some really fabulous ones, but this one is absolutely the best! I can’t wait to dig in and try my hand at this! You look gorgeous in it too!


  2. Hi Rachel
    i have difficulty to make the first maneuver of all turbans…it all get messy right at the beginning… i can’t get it right… am i doomed? how do i bring the scarf up??? is there e trick?


    1. Rachel

      Hi, Liona! Are you doomed? Probably not, but it does take practice! I explain how to bring the tails up a little more thoroughly in this tutorial, so it might be worth watching:
      Also, don’t be afraid to rearrange or adjust your tails before you tie the knot. Sometimes, I have to play with them to get them just so, too! Hope that helps!


  3. protojew62

    I am totally in love with this turban style!!! I can’t wait to try it. I feel I look better in a turban…thank you for t his tutorial!!!


  4. Sarah Madden

    So beautiful! I have been feeling a soul pull to start wearing my head covered regularly so tutorials like these are perfect because I love knowing that I’ll still have super fun style. Thank you!


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