Cozy (and chic) Pashmina Turban with Rachel!

Back in August, on our Wrapunzel Fangroup, a member shared this photo of a beautiful wintry wrap star:

12037966_10153400239058145_3837748890308579262_n (1)
(Photo credit unknown – if you have the source, please let us know so we can credit it!)


Of course everyone wanted to figure out how that gorgeous wrap was done… and who better than our amazing turban guru, Rachel!! Grab your favorite pashmina (or any long rectangular scarf that catches your fancy), and check out her latest tutorial to learn this beautiful style:


8 thoughts on “Cozy (and chic) Pashmina Turban with Rachel!

  1. motherendurance

    I can finally tie a turban that looks good on me! Thank you Rachel! I just tried it with my Wrapunzel signature scarf and it is stunning.
    Shavuah Tov,


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