Rachel’s Turban-style Regal Wrap

photo 2

What is this wrap? Well… it’s a little like the Yael, and a little like the Regal Wrap, and a little like the perfect turban… but it’s not any of those! It’s a gorgeous, elegant, and very simple wrap for any pashmina – and just in time for the change in the weather! It’s possible to wrap it completely knot-free, it works with even the thickest pashminas, and it takes just a few minutes. Introducing Rachel’s latest!


Here’s how to do it yourself:


9 thoughts on “Rachel’s Turban-style Regal Wrap

  1. I am excited by this Rachel. It looks super easy, without as many of the annoying wee bulges & puffs that I have to “settle” in my normal turbans. I am off to try it now!!!


  2. Rachel this turban looks terrific with so many different tichels. I loved wearing it tonight with my shine on! Thank you so much for you tips. Ithe is a quick wrap that looks clean, elegant and so streamlined. I know I will be using it a lot!


  3. Adrienne

    Thank you Rachel! I love your tutorials 😊
    I used this wrap first thing this morning when I had to take our dog out. It was awesome! So fast but so chic. It’s going to be a favourite of mine for sure.


  4. Gabrielle

    Yes! I have a bunch of thicker pashmina scarves that I now can’t wait to try this on with. Thank you so much for this timely and awesome turban tutorial Rachel 🙂


  5. Hassiba

    Hi Rachel, I like this tutorial and yes – you are very clear and understandable 🙂 I love the photo with the shirt and turban matching completely. How did you do that? Have you made the shirt yourself?


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