Zig-zag wrap – with ONE scarf!


The Zig-zag Criss-cross Wrap is a Wrapunzel classic – it’s hard to beat the stunning visual of crisscrossing layers and angles in a wrap. But did you know that you can get the same effect using just one scarf? Check out Naomi Rose’s tutorial below for two different versions – one with a tail over the shoulder (pictured above), and one with all the ends tucked away, Regal Wrap-style. This is an amazing wrap to do with any rectangular scarf or pashmina – with solid-colored scarves it’s subtly elegant, and with multicolored scarves it’s a head-turner! Enjoy!!


6 thoughts on “Zig-zag wrap – with ONE scarf!

  1. Gabrielle

    How ingenious! Love it. Will be trying this with a large mirror by my laptop, so I can go slowly and hit the “pause” button as needed. Thank you 🙂


  2. H.D.

    This is amazing! The signature scarf is anyway one of my top favourites and this style gives it even more class and elegance. Just stunning. I will follow Gabrielle’s example with mirror and Laptop 🙂


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