Carmen’s Golden Crown!


We saw this recent photo on the Wrapunzel Fangroup and LOVED it… and so did everyone else! Carmen is a true wrap star. Not only did she come up with this amazing side-bow style, but she also has her own YouTube Channel and Facebook page full of beautiful wrapping videos! It’s called Earth Crowns – don’t miss it!

In the meantime, shared with permission, here is her tutorial on the Golden Crown, which is the style in the photo above. ENJOY!!

And here’s Naomi Rose trying it on for size. New formal wrap favorite! Thank you, Carmen for sharing this with us!!

**Hint: To get a tail over your shoulder, as in Naomi Rose’s photos, just use the second shimmery end (the one NOT in the bow). Bring it over your head behind the bow (just like in the video), and then instead of tucking it in, secure it by your ear with a pin, letting the fringes hang down.


9 thoughts on “Carmen’s Golden Crown!

  1. Thank you Carmen. That’s a beautiful crown. I’m not of FB but I have now sighed up to your YouTube channel. Thank you Naomi Rose for the tails option on it too it’s amazing how such a small change can give it an entirely different look. Big hugs everyone xx


  2. Rae

    also interesting how Naomi’s version creates a second band of the first colour which emphasizes the bow even more I think. Love to see everyone’s creative talents.


  3. elsiebeth

    This is really lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this wrap, Carmen. I really love the color combination of Naomi Rose’s crown. Could you please tell me which tichels you used for this? Thank you in advance! In France, where I live, it is close to Shabbat, so… Shabbat Shalom to all of you!


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Elsiebeth! It’s a turquoise 2 in 1 and a Limited Shimmery in Black with Teal 🙂 I don’t think we have that Shimmery anymore but you could get a very similar effect with a black or silvery-black shimmery and a teal 2 in 1! A turquoise Primary Colorful would also be a good base scarf for this wrap instead of the 2in1.


  4. You have a lovely calm manner Carmen. Love the way you do this tutorial nice and slow and showing every stage. Naomi Rose. You have certainly done this wrap of Carmen’s justice too.


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