7 thoughts on “The Super Double Pouf Tichel Shaper Trick!

  1. Laurel

    Gorgeous! But it begs the following question so I’m putting it in request form: even though you yourself don’t wear them angled upwards, can you pls show those of us who do, a version where you angle it up in back? Also, for higher volume I’m guessing either stuff the 2nd volumizer w/a loofah or add a 3rd?!


  2. Off Topic, I had a vivid dream last night that you and I were running a marathon. We stopped at a restroom to freshen up and you decided to help me with my scarf and re-tie it. I looked in the mirror at myself and I had a great tichel tie on my head but I also had a pink face mask of lace. It was pretty and flattering but too weird.

    Just a little funny, I think. I feel like I spent about 1 hour with you last night. That’s what happens when you watch your videos for over 2 years I guess!! laugh


  3. I was initially dissappointed with the amount of volume supplied by the signature shaper, but I realised very fast how perfect the poof was for summertime. And how light the shaper was to wear …… supercool for summer days. I tried out ‘double poofing’ the same night with my tried and trusted Classic Shaper which I had been wearing daily. It’s perfect!!! …….. Two perfect products, used separately seasonally, or combined together for ‘superpoof’!!!!!! It doesn’t get any better. Thank you Wrapunzel ladies for bringing these products to the market. Before Wrapunzel shapers, I struggled!!


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