Naomi Rose: Easy 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Hi everybody!

At Wrapunzel we try very hard to make detailed tutorials for beginners, as well as complicated, fancy videos for more advanced wrappers. But in my daily wraps I often find myself occupying a middle space – I usually do something a bit more involved than a Regal Wrap or the Easiest Long Scarf Wrap, but definitely not anything very time-consuming or formal. So for anyone else that would like to go beyond one scarf but not spend too much time in front of the mirror, here’s one of my most favorite daily styles – the 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

Photo on 8-25-15 at 4.53 PM #2

And here’s how to do it:

Do you also find yourself gravitating toward middle-difficulty wraps? Do you have a favorite? Share it with us!!


Naomi Rose

6 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: Easy 2-Scarf Regal Wrap!

  1. Dee

    Will Wrapunzel carry the lace saches, or can you direct me to where I can find them. Love both styles Naomi Rose did.😊


  2. Hassiba

    I love the “clean” look of the regal wrap in general and your variations in this video are very beautiful and inspiring. I will certainly test them tomorrow. And I agree with Donna: You make it very easy to follow you and to understand how to do something 🙂 Thank you so much!
    I am quite new at this type of wrapping (wearing a “normal” muslim hijab before), but I also prefer the “middle” way. Up to now, I have mostly done a regal wrap with a sash around it (my favourite up to now: ruffled sash). This will help me play around with more 🙂

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  4. lynnreedcrowder

    I must say you are such a great instructress Naomi! You are clear and concise and I appreciate your methods …..these two wraps couldn’t be more useful for daily wearing and such variety you can get with them….now I know more about combining two scarves and a scarf/sash….sashes I have many and hardly have been using them . No more! Yay to sashes! Thanks Naomi for your big help here with this tutorial. Have a good day!


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