An Ode to the Tichel Tantrum

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum

It’s 9am and you have less than five minutes to get out the door before you’ll be late for work. You’ve already tried four different wraps. One made you look tired, the other clashed with your shirt, the third scarf was perfect but every time you wrapped it, it slipped, and the fourth stayed put but looked too casual for that meeting you have coming up today. Your arms and wrists are cramping from holding them up above your head so long. You feel like screaming and throwing every scarf you own out the window.  Your husband comes in and asks innocently if you’re ready and you contemplate throwing the scarves at him instead of out the window.

If this has been you… you’re not alone. We’ve ALL been there. Regardless of whether we’re beginners or experienced wrappers with decades of practice, we can’t avoid the occasional TICHEL TANTRUM.

This gorgeous and oh-so-appropriate term was coined by Heather, one of the original members of our Wrapunzel Fangroup, and it enjoys frequent use to this day. One memorable day, a Fangroup member wondered whether women who cover their hair with something other than a tichel suffer the same kind of tribulations. What would we call it if a Muslim woman struggled with her hijab, or an Israeli with her mitpachat*?

What followed was an amazing outpouring of hilarious terminology, all generated by the sparkling minds of Wrapunzelers on the Fangroup. We want everyone to be able to enjoy them, so without further ado…

If it’s not QUITE a tichel tantrum you’re having, it might be:

-a hijab hissyfit
-a scarf snit
-pashmina problems
-veil vapors
-turban turbulence
-covering conundrums
-a scarf snafu
-a hijab hoopla
-a sinar scene**
-a pashmina predicament
-turban turmoil
-a scarf scene

This terrible experience might inspire some emotions and reactions, possibly including:

-feeling scarf scared
-or scarf scarred!
-wrap rage
-a wrap rant

If it’s REALLY bad, it might result in:

-turbo turban torture!
-scarf barf

Wrapunzel Tichel Tantrum
Tichel Tantrum Torture!

You might need:

-a bad mood snood
-some turban bourbon

BUT! Don’t worry! You will survive this, and overcome! And in time, you will come to be:

-a wrap wrangler
-a mitpachat maestro
-a hijab heroine
-a wrap whisperer
-a tichel tamer!

And you will experience:

-mitpachat nachat.***
-a tichel triumph!!

We’re loving it! Hopefully this list will convince you that no-one escapes this universal hair-covering experience… we’re tempted to tape it up in the bathroom for some perspective. Can you relate? Share your experiences (or your favorite words for tichel disasters) in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Love, Naomi Rose
PS – Now will someone PLEASE show me how to tie this turban?!

*mitpachat is the Hebrew word for head-covering, used mostly in Israel
**a sinar is an apron-shaped Israeli scarf, designed for head-wrapping
***Nachat, or its Ashkenaz variation, nachas, is a word denoting pride/gratification coming from an achievement.

33 thoughts on “An Ode to the Tichel Tantrum

  1. Jo

    I feel your pain!! My worst are in the morning when I haven’t had much sleep and they are known as my ‘tired tichel troubles.’ 😦
    Coffee helps 🙂
    Andrea’s tantrum faces are awesome.


  2. Yes- I’ve been there recently, I put on my favorite music and took my wrap down -had a make it work moment..The music brought life into my hair wrapping skills..So glad you posted this…


  3. R

    Actually it was Heather Benjamin who coined the term tichel tantrum, and not the Heather who was one of the fan group founders


  4. abycinnamon

    I personally have kerchief kerfuffles. And am generally cheered with serendipitous sparkles, as I invariably put something shiny somewhere on my head.


  5. Magally

    Creia que solo a mi me sucedía y ya veo que no,mas cuando uno va de prisa y el tiempo corre ,es cuando menos sale,saludos desde Costa Rica Shalom


    1. Idalya

      I been there done that. Specially in the mornings when my husban has to go to work and my car in right behind his truck, he says put your had on and move the car Noone is going to see you. Sometimes I ask my self does he even undestands the love I have for my head covering.
      But how do I explaine to him ?
      By the way
      I love your faces. So funny.😂


  6. Maggy

    I’m brand new to wrapping (Reform Jewish woman who wants mire than a wedding ring telling others I’m married.) and thus far this has been my life. Mitpachat mania seems to be the order of the day. Thus far I’ve yet to succeed in wrapping… but I’m sure success is just around the corner. Till then chai tea and morning cosmeration cuddles from my 2 littles will suffice.


  7. Meira E. Schneider-Atik

    I’ve had mitpachat menace, but I just take a deep breath and remind myself that I am a mitpachat master…


  8. Hassiba

    Oh so funny and true!!! Thank you for this. With me, it’s hijab histerics 🙂 which sometimes can end in a healing hijab or a howling hijabi….


  9. Mira Ashira

    When I’m having a bad day I call it
    tichel torture.
    Your post really made me smile though and feel much better. It always helps to know you’re not the only one who has those days and it helps to laugh it off when you do 🙂
    When I have a bad day, I’ll think of these.
    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Kristin

    Ummmm….y-e-s. And the last time it happened I spewed obscenities, threw my bundle of wrapping paraphernalia across the room, and wailed, “I’M WEARING A HAT!!”


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  12. Deanna

    Bahaha love it. I am excited for my no slip headband to come in the mail so that I do not get surprised anymore looking in the mirror half way through the day.


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