The Princess Veil! Samantha’s First Wrapunzel Tutorial

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests to hear from Samantha, our historical clothing expert lady wrap star!  So here is her first tutorial!  We can’t wait to try it out!

10 thoughts on “The Princess Veil! Samantha’s First Wrapunzel Tutorial

  1. Hello Samantha!

    It’s great to meet another lover of history here! 🙂
    That wrap is absolutely adorable. Thank you very much for the tutorial!

    With kind regards,


  2. Michelle G

    Looks beautiful on you. I was wondering what type of shaper you are wearing. It gives very nice volume. Thanks and please keep those tutorials coming!


  3. susan

    Beautiful veil wrap. What are you using as a shaper? It seems to have more height which I would like. In using wrapunzels signature shaper now


  4. Mirjam

    Hi Samantha!
    WOW I loved your post and I definitely love your tutorial! I was trying to make something like this with the Tapestry, and it looks pretty nice too! It is SO GREAT to meet anonther lady who loves history! I love MEDIEVAL REENACTMENT also, and I try to math my tichels to my medieval outfits! Maybe Wrapunzel should make a post with reenactment fans and their tichels+outfits inspiration? that would be great!!! I see that the post just above is from another woman who loves history too, so it´s aldreay 3 of us!


  5. Jan

    Hi Samantha,
    Enjoyed your tutorial! Thanks so much. The wrap looks wonderful and I’ll be trying it out for sure. I’m also interested in knowing how you get such great volume and the type of shaper you’re using.
    Looking forward to more tutorials from you.

    Kind regards

    Jan x


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