My Favourites :)

It’s funny, I sometimes won’t wear my favourite outfits because I’m always looking to try new things, but over the past few weeks I’ve needed some comfort, so I put on colors that I knew would make me smile in cuts of clothing that I knew were flattering… loved this!

I’ve been avoiding necklaces during the day because of grabby little baby hands, but you can use your imagination and put a nice dark gold necklace on me in both these outfits!  😉

Teal and light brown shimmeries… the best!

And my new favourite clip with an awesome skirt!  It was seriously raining outside but I was dancing!

It’s a good reminder to go back to your favourites, right?  Have you ever had an experience like this?  We’d love to hear about it!

7 thoughts on “My Favourites :)

  1. Jocelyn

    One of the things I like about seasons is that every six months (give or take??) I change what I wear. In the spring I transition to light weight cotton knits and linen. Hose become optional and sandals almost mandatory. Light weight fabrics become the only thing I can wear. Colors are lighter and brighter for the most part. Then comes the fall and I start transitioning to heavier knits and flannels. Out come my beloved corduroys, patterned tights, boots and wool hats. The deeper colors of browns, forest greens and burgundies become mainstream.
    Thank you HaSHem for the miracle of seasons.

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      1. Diane Drexler-Little

        I was going to ask the same question. I wasn’t able to find a skirt I liked in Jerusalem. The patterns didn’t look right or the waist was too wide. I have scoliosis and only half an inch between my right lower rib and hip. And being petite a 5ft even, the long skirts were on the floor. I will need to try Burlington. Or, when I get back to our home in Albuquerque where my sewing machine is, to start making 6 gore skirts. I have one I made but have a hard time finding the right colors too go with it.

        Thanks for the ideas, and for recently having had a baby you look GREAT! (Took me years to get back to pre-baby size:)


  2. Hassiba

    I love the combination of brown with teal or turquoise and put it on myself a lot. And it looks very beautiful on you. I have had a similar experience a few months ago. When I was about 18, I loved to wear a warm olive-khaki combined with a very warm golden yellow. That was my most beloved mixture. It has taken about thirty years to find those colours in the stores again. This summer made me very happy indeed :-). I even still have the old scarf to combine with my newly bought things.


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