“Wrapunzel Under Wraps” – Everything You Want to Know About Tichel Shapers & No-Slip Headband!

So after the insanely viral response to this photo we posted yesterday…

shapercomparison wrapunzel

… we decided to take it a step further and make a super detailed informational video all about how to wear the no-slip headband, oomphtastic scrunchy, and the three wrapunzel tichel shapers!  We enlisted in the help of 16 year old Elisheva, and since she doesn’t (yet) cover her hair, this allowed us to show you how to wear ’em from step A – aka morning bedhead!  In this tutorial, we show the difference that a high/low bun of hair makes, shaper placement techniques, and different ways to tie the scarf to “shape the shaper”.  We hope that this gives you the tools and freedom to experiment and really find the perfect shaper technique for you!  Enjoy!

22 thoughts on ““Wrapunzel Under Wraps” – Everything You Want to Know About Tichel Shapers & No-Slip Headband!

  1. Elaine

    Nicely done! Another option with the classic shaper is to fold over the front of it before placing it on the velvet headband to keep the pouf closer to the head and/or higher.


  2. Maria

    thank you!!!!!!! what a comprehensive look at shapers…and all those little tricks of the trade! thank you!!!! ❤


  3. Susanna

    Awesome tutorial and what a great friend to let herself model for all to see! Whenever she starts to cover, she will be a pro!


  4. jenniferkmarsh

    Very informative video 🙂 It must also depend on your hair. I wonder what my shape would turn out like in a shaper, because I have a lot of hair and it’s very curly! I only use the oomphtastic scrunchy to get a shape similar to that of the signature shaper. If Wrapunzel could ever one day supply a white or blonde oomphtastic scrunchy, that would be a dream come true!

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      1. Diane Drexler-Little

        Agree on the idea of a white or blond scrunchy. I ordered the blond signature shaper for Yom Kippur to go under the white tichels. And I hope the black scrunchy doesn’t show through.


  5. Elisheva

    wow! That would be such a helpful picture to put on the wrapunzel website for people trying to choose which shaper to purchase.


      1. Diane Drexler-Little

        Please do, Andrea. I have the first black shaper with the headband. Which one is it? And, I have been looking for the light colored one for under my white tichels for Yom Kippur.

        I have had too many problems with the classic one with the ties. They don’t stay tied, and my husband asked me if I was becoming Amish when I tried it:)

        I have to say after my first couple of tries with the classic one, it has sat in my drawer.

        I would love to have a description as to which is which.


  6. Hassiba

    Three very lovely ladies indeed 🙂 and compliments to Elisheva for going through all this pulling and pushing in such good humour. Thank you for showing us what goes on underneath and how one can change the silhouette. I am happy to see that i picked the right thing for me from the beginning: the signature shaper. it makes a nice round back of the head without looking unnatural. A great invention.
    By the way: To see you three there in the garden makes one feel being with family or friends, so heart-warming.


  7. Heather Pine

    EXCELLENT tutorial for those of us still learning & no family to guide us! You’re lucky to have a lovely young woman modeling for you. Her smile never quit even when I would’ve been yelling: “Ow! Ow! You’re pulling my hair!”


  8. Diane Drexler-Little

    Thanks to Elisheva for being such a lovely and willing model and letting you do everything to her including making and taking out the buns:)

    I have been using the oophantic scrunchi, and I have been growing my hair out to be long enough to out up. It is thick (and now naturally gray) but have never tried putting the bun higher in my head.

    And, I have been using piles of bobby pins, hair clips, etc. to keep all the stray hairs from peeking out from underneath the velevet headband and some like those with Elisheva’s higher bun. It never occurred to me to use the velvet headband to hold the hairs. But, when I try it without the bobby pins and hair clips, I spend half my day tucking in the loose pieces of hair. And, I did buy the XL headband since I have a low forehead and low hairline (with a cowlick at the back of my head) and still doesn’t keep all my hair underneath without piles of bobby pins.

    And, I haven’t been using any of the shapers which have been sitting in my drawer. I’m afraid that it would make my head sweat more (a real problem for me in hot weather having my head sweat.

    Instead, I end up using the Israeli tichels nearly everyday.
    Thanks for finally using a model who doesn’t need to cover (yet) as it was extremely helpful.
    Thanks again.


  9. Rachel

    One thing I would like to see (possibly in a follow up post…) is a discussion about which shapes work best with which wraps. I have found that wearing my scrunchie down low works for “bun” wraps, such as with an Israeli tichel (I bought a signature shaper at your show here in Cleveland), but that I need to put my bun really, really high up for anything like a regal wrap. And wearing my bun that high gives my entire wrap an unintended formality that makes me feel silly while going through my day driving carpool and grocery shopping. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!

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    1. You’re totally right – we’ll see if we can make a video about this… but much of it has to do with one’s style and face shape. I know ladies that do the super high style every day but on me it looks a bit silly, as you said.


  10. Yocheved

    Ack! Why aren’t the shapers on your site anymore? I was going to place an order (and get a bunch more scarves, too) – but they’re not there!


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Yocheved! The Wendy beret volumizer is back today, and all the rest are being made for us as we speak – they’ll be back very soon!


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