Lady Wrap Star: Meet Victoria!

Have you ever met a hair-covering Buddhist? We’re always amazed at the sheer number and diversity of spiritual backgrounds that inspire women to cover their hair. Check out Victoria’s beautiful and personal story below – and don’t miss her stunningly elegant wrapping style!

My name is Victoria Hogan. I’m a soap maker, business owner, homesteader, and blogger on I began wrapping part-time about five years ago, after much debate and thought. My mother is Vietnamese and a Dharma Buddhist, while my father is Irish-Romanian and Cherokee and a practicing Wiccan. I felt more connected to Buddhism, and it’s actually the main reason I wrap my hair.

My hair has always been the subject of envy from my friends. I have fine but dense hair, and in a very dark brown that is almost black. “Asian hair”, my friends would call it. People would always ask me “can I touch your hair!” Some people wouldn’t even ask and would just come up and grab it. I also would fuss over my hair, spending lots of money on conditioners and masks and product to make it look the way I wanted it. I would bother my mother to spend hours on styling it, and would spend a lot of money getting it cut the way I liked it. It became a nuisance and a distraction.

When I began practicing Buddhism in earnest, attending temple and such, I noticed the nuns all had their heads shaved bald just as the monks did. Some wore little sock caps and such, but they were completely bald. They do this to show humility, that they care not for things of this world, and that they are beyond the vanity of their hair. I did more research on the matter and learned that there are some nuns who wear coverings over their head, and that it’s common for nuns to shave bald or cover their hair. After thinking it over, noticing how vainly I viewed my hair, and debating with myself I came to the decision that as a layperson in the Buddhist faith I would cover my hair.

To me hair is a woman’s glory, her pride and joy. It’s considered a status symbol to have glorious, beautifully kept, healthy hair. I used to be so preoccupied with my hair, that it became the thing that I let define myself. I began covering my hair because I wanted to remind myself that I am more than my hair, that my vanity is less important than reaching Enlightenment and Nirvana. I began wrapping and wearing hats and snoods over my hair so I could stop focusing on how my hair looked and remember the important things: family and faith.

I cover for my faith, and I don’t let fear of what others may say and do stop me. We go often to Antwerp, where I can safely wrap because of the large Jewish population. When I’m not safe at home or among others who would not mind, I don’t wrap but wear a snood or hat. I’m glad to share my story with such amazing, beautiful women and I hope you find my story enjoyable!

12 thoughts on “Lady Wrap Star: Meet Victoria!

  1. Kathy

    I think you and your story are lovely and inspiring. I started covering my head when all my hair fell out from chemo. I have keep it up since my hair started to grow back in. I have no reason to do it other than I like it , don’t have to worry about all the cowlicks I have, It looks and feels better than my wigs do, and it keeps my head warm up here in the cold north west. This is probably one of the nicest sites on the web, with women of every walk of life, coming together and sharing and interacting.

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  2. I really, really love those simple wraps. (I like to see more elaborate, colourful wraps on other ladies’ heads and I admire other women’s creativity, but for myself I prefer this kind of simple elegance.)


  3. protojew62

    Wonderful and interesting story! But, WHY would you not be safe at home wrapping? THat one statement, I found disturbing.


    1. Yocheved

      I had to read it twice. I’m pretty sure it’s just awkward sentence structure. She feels safe at home, and among others who understand, but not when she is out and about among strangers.

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    2. Victoria

      We currently live in Belgium. We’ve been seeing much violence towards women from young men of a certain culture and religious persuasion who feel that we are somehow insulting their culture if Western women dress a certain way. I decided to leave that out to avoid a political discussion in the comments.

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  4. That’s an amazing story! I admire your humbleness – it’s not an easy thing and you do it with such grace. You are beautiful with or without your hair on show because it shines out from inside you.


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