Zig-Zag with Sari Scarves? Oh, YES!

FINAL2Here is a style that I (Rachel) have been wearing for a while and with our current Challenge of the Week theme being sari scarves, there has never been a better time to share the tutorial with you all! Its origins were a few months back, during a wrapping phase of mine that was particularly zig-zag heavy. Experimentation and trying different scarf combinations led to a peculiarly obvious question- why had I never tried this style with sari scarves before?!

I proceeded forward with caution, concerned with how easy the task would be to accomplish, but was pleasantly surprised at the results these unique scarves produced! Using saris with contrasting colors creates a look rather dramatic and vibrant. With similar hues and patterns, a  more subtle look is achieved. I never grow tired with experimenting with them and to be honest, think I prefer each type equally!

Anyway, sari lovers, rejoice!  I have finally made a tutorial for this incredible look and you can find it below:

3 thoughts on “Zig-Zag with Sari Scarves? Oh, YES!

  1. Helen

    Hi ladies, I wonder if you can help me? I have very short hair and would love to cover it but I have tried with tutorials in youtube and it all starts off ok but falls apart when I get to the ends of the scarf and the back of my head, as I have nothing to wrap it around. I’m on a budget. Is it easier if you use pins and do you use them yourself? Perhaps this is the way forward for me as it just doesn’t stay together? Thanks 🙂


    1. Rachel

      Hi, Helen! I’m not sure about using pins, but many women will wrap a thin scarf around their bun or pony tail to create more volume. You can also try volumizing scrunchies, which work wonders! Also, have you seen our newest ‘Under Wraps’ video? It goes into many solutions for women with little to no hair and might be helpful for you! 🙂 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI8uAsGaYK8)


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