Penina Taylor speaks! “The Toybox Paradigm”

Hi Wrapunzelistas!

It’s the beginning of a new week, and many of us are probably fighting the Monday blues. Penina Taylor to the rescue! Have you found it difficult recently to celebrate others’ successes when your own life is so complicated? Is it hard not to compare yourself (or your wrap!) to everyone else’s? All of us feel like this sometimes – and Penina’s latest video is just the perfect cure. It’s quick and uplifting – watch it and get a boost! It’ll make your week so much better.

What strategies help you avoid the “Toybox Paradigm”? Have you had any challenges with this that you were able to successfully overcome? We’d love to hear more – share with us in the comments!

Happy Monday,

Naomi Rose

2 thoughts on “Penina Taylor speaks! “The Toybox Paradigm”

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    Hiii!!! Please how can I order the some info.thank you..

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