Naomi Rose: “The Duchess” Wrap Tutorial!


Hi everybody! I was playing with Andrea’s latest tutorial for the Wrapunzel Veil (don’t miss it!!) and came up with this variation, which looks so regal. Wear it somewhere special – a wedding, the Renaissance festival, a birthday dinner. You’ll feel incredibly feminine – one thing I love about this wrap is how much it looks and feels like luxurious long hair.

This was my first attempt, in my bathroom (land of tichel experimentation):


And here’s an awesome contrasting version I did over Shabbat:

To do this wrap, you’ll need a few things:
A large, rectangular scarf – the bigger the better (I used Shiny-liciouses in various colors for all of these photos)
-A square scarf, triangular scarf, or sash (In the three versions pictured here, you can see a Shadowbright Sash,Silky Square, and a Dreamy Lace).
-A pretty tichel pin (I used a Sunblossom Pin)
-A safety pin or small, easily hide-able brooch (you won’t see this in the end result).
You can achieve a bunch of different effects by varying the types of scarves and pin that you use for this! Here’s how to do it:


11 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: “The Duchess” Wrap Tutorial!

    1. Naomi Rose

      Nope! With lightweight scarves and a good velvet headband (or volumizer with built-in headband) underneath, this didn’t budge or ‘pull’ all day. 🙂

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  1. motherendurance


    This is one of the prettiest wraps I have ever seen, worthy of even the most dressed up evening. I think this is going to go into my small group of ‘go-to’ wraps!

    Thank you Naomi, the video was great and you look beautiful!


  2. Judith

    I love your brown version for Shabbat! I’m still a wrapping beginner, but this gives me incentive to keep practising. Thank you. 🙂


  3. batshush

    Beautiful!! I was looking for a new style for my brothers’ wedding. I am going to do it with two identical shimmeries I bought especially. Please G-D I will send photos.


  4. jenniferkmarsh

    This is so gorgeous and I just wish I had the opportunity to wear this style somewhere!! Quick, I must find a medieval fayre to attend 😀


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  6. Jackie

    Thank you for this tutorial. This is my first day wrapping my hair and I was able to do this on the first try. I can’t believe how beautiful and feminine I feel because I know I am following God’s Will and displaying my submission to my husband.


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