What About my Bling Bling Bling?


Wow, wow, WOW! If sheer volume of submissions is any indication, Wrapunzel ladies sure do like bling! We had so much fun last week experimenting with shiny accessories and blingy scarves, and have even got the photos to prove it!

If you need inspiration on how to wear tichel pins, clips or headbands, check out the incredible gallery below! Also, don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post to learn our theme for next week’s challenge!

Bonus: Somewhere within this collage is a chicken donning bling! Can you find the hidden fowl?


Our theme for this week is one that many Wrapunzelistas find challenging. A style that we might get more questions about than any other! Our hope for those of you who find it challenging, is that this week will inspire you to think out of the box and try something new! Check out the reveal video below:


Would you like to be featured in next week’s collage? Head on over to the Wrapunzel Fangroup and share your pictures using the hashtag #wrapunzeledinpleats. If you would also like them featured on next week’s blog post, make sure to also post them in the comments on the pinned post at the top of the Fangroup page, so we know to share them. We can accept up to 5 headshot-style photos per person – no collages, please! If you’re not on Facebook, you can also email your pictures to us at wrapunzelthestore@gmail.com with the subject line “Challenge of the Week.” Can’t wait to see what you create!!

Need a refresher course on pleating? The following tutorials are here to help!


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