Naomi Rose: Haircovering for Intense Workouts!

Hey Wrapunzelistas! I made this short video before going running yesterday. I’m no world-class athlete, but as a kid/teenager I was VERY active (ice skating, ballet, swimming, etc.) and I started running in middle school, working my way up over the years to a half-marathon in 2013 (fun fact – my husband proposed to me on our first 10-mile training run together!).

For serious workouts, whether it’s running, Zumba, hiking, African dance, or anything else, those of us who cover our hair need an extra dimension to our technique. A good workout tichel:

1) should be comfortable and breathable,
2) must NOT budge, EVER,
3) ideally would be something you feel good in, appearance-wise. I find that having workout clothes that I look forward to wearing (as opposed to feeling ugly in) can actually help me exercise more.

After lots of trial and error, this is my failsafe running tichel. I’ve also gone swimming like this, and worn it on a bike!


It’s a simple-but-sweet Israeli Tichel tie over the fabulous No-Slip Headband, and let me tell you, it won’t go ANYWHERE! I have yet to find the activity that will dislodge this wrap.

Do you have a favorite way to cover your hair for exercise?? Share it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!!


16 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: Haircovering for Intense Workouts!

  1. Laurel

    The operative word is “breathe-able”. I doubt the Israeli tichel scarf is made of natural fabric; it looks artificial. If it’s cotton, then great. If it’s not, and one wants something breathe-able, a natural fiber, like 100% cotton, is in order. Sadly, scarves of these are hard to find. So best go to the fabric store and purchase some lightweight natural fabric instead.
    Alternatively, an artificial fabric that wicks away perspiration is another idea for athletic tichels. The Israeli tichel will NOT wick away sweat. Should be interesting to research fabrics that do. Perhaps REI, Adventure 16 or other well-stocked sports stores have something nice?


    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Laurel! At the Wrapunzel store, we make the Israeli tichels to our own specifications and they are actually made of light cotton (with just the little silvery threads running through them being acrylic). In my experience the extra-light cotton has been fine for breathability – I’ve been running in them for about two years and also spent two months in Israel last summer with no problems. You’re right that there are also more high-tech fabrics (coolmax, etc) out there used in running clothing. I’ve only ever seen it in hats, pants, tops, etc (and the hats I’ve seen wouldn’t give full hair coverage), but I have thought about cutting up one of my old worn-out running tops into a tichel!

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  2. Paola Den Outer

    I like to run and sweat a lot whilst running. What I use are the simple hijab bonets or underscarves. They are made of cotton and they are very easy to put on your head. But I do often use a buffy too. My husband rides a motorbike and has several of them. They are strechy and easy to wear and you do not have to ty them at all. There are also bonets availible like that. In special Islamic stores you can also find headcoverings for when you are sporting and even swimming. I was in Turkey this month and one of the ladies at the pool had a very nice bourkini like we call it, Islamic swimsuit. The Islamic covering is stricter than the Jewish or Christian but there is so much to choose from, I am sure you can find something you like .


  3. Suzanne C

    Most of my modest friends use a sport hijab for going running or intense workouts. Capsters makes a FIFA-approved version for soccer players that is all fancy high-tech fabric. Sometimes, I prefer that to trying/failing to keep a scarf on my head.


  4. Mae

    Hi! I was reading your lovely post (been following Wrapunzel for ages) and then I noticed that you go swimming in a tichel? Wouldn’t it get… wet? Just curious! Sometimes I wear a swimming cap for my hair, that’s why!

    Also, have you used a tube/seamless scarf/bandana like buffwear for headcovering? They are made for sports using sports material and can be tied in so many ways, though the tube scarf I have is slippery.

    Have a nice day!

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    1. Naomi Rose

      Hi Mae! Yes, it gets wet, but dries quickly ;). I would only wear a tichel for casual swimming – if I was doing any kind of actual exercise (laps) I would probably opt for a swim cap!


  5. I actually work out in a burkini. It’s a swimsuit that meets Islamic modesty requirements and it has an attached hood. They are expensive, but it’s been such an easy solution and I never have to worry about finding a breathable workout scarf that I don’t mind ruining.

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  6. I’m a marathon runner and ultra runner and I have always used Buffs and a peaked cap in the summer and a great big bobble hat in winter. I don’t think I’d like the idea of wearing a non slip headband while running!


  7. I usually wear an Israeli tichel, too, for exercise. Most of mine are 100% cotton (from Wrapunzel and elsewhere) and they’re very breathable. But if I’m really expecting a heavy workout, I’ll wear an old, beat-up one because if I get sweat stains on something I want to wear when I’m not hiking/walking/doing yoga, I will be very sad.

    But if there were some kind of high-performance wicking material available in a tichel, that would be cool. (Pun intentional.)


  8. I use a do-rag under a sun hat for rowing. It’s just a cylinder of fabric and hugs my head just enough, covers my hair, and with the sun hat over it, it doesn’t move. My friend Judith Bernstein told me about these, and they’ve been great for something either for exercise, intense heat outside, or something quick to throw on. My favorite sunhat has a cover in the back with decorative folds, which gives the hat a very feminine look. Love it!


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  10. AJ

    Know what works awesome for this? A Buff. I mean, it’s not, like, Pretty, exactly, but you can get them in almost any color, they’re quite secure (for me anyway), they’re high tech fabric that wicks sweat, and maybe most importantly, they wash easily.


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