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  1. Venice Minto

    Dear Andrea and the Wrapunzel’s family; I have been wearing scarfs on my head for many years now. I have worned my natural hair Braided, Permed, Dreadlocks, Cut and Coloured-you name it…I have worned it….!!! I’ve gotten tired of wearing same neural tone scarfs and very plain simple wraps. Two months ago, I saw a lady at my place of employment; I was drawn to the beauty on top of her head. Nevertheless, she went about her way but her presence never left my mind since that day. Four weeks ago, I saw the lady again on duty; I felt happy inside to know that this mystery lady and I work for the same employer. I walked pass her and discreetly starred at the beautiful colours and the intricate designs she have created with multiple scarfs….I was intrigued…..!!! Three weeks ago I saw her on duty, I walked pass her and greeted her and she acknowledged. That urge in me wanted to have a conversation with her but I felt timid and carry-on about my duties. Two weeks later, she was on duty; I conditioned myself for acceptance or rejection. I approached her and compliment her beautiful head covering and she responded thank you. What a relief it was for me….!!! I asked her if her head covering is a cultural or religious attire…She said it’s Mitpachat/Tichel! I asked her what’s the meaning or these words? She simply say they are Jewish women head covering. I responded saying “they are beautiful”. The following day, I decided to visit Youtube and typed in Jewish Head Covering……The first video I opened were NOT FINISHED (why married Jewish women cover their hair and why I love It!) by Andrea Grinberg. After watching this video, I felt sadness because I thought this style of head covering ONLY applies to married Jewish women. I decided to watch one of Andrea’s Tutorial video and read the Slogan especially part of this sentence….connecting women from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and generations. I felt complete joy and happiness after reading the entire slogan….”I will never wear Scarfs on my head the same way again” I am truely greatful to God for the initial encounterd that led me to this site. Thank you Andrea as you have inspired women worldwide. I am more than inspire but I am your number one FAN…..!!!!!


    Venice M.


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