The Liezl Tutorial! With TONS of Variations!

It’s the new wrap craze!!  We’re all loving this gorgeous new tie that was invented by Liezl!  I just HAD to try it and do some variations on it as well!  This is a video that shows you tons and tons of options!

SEND US YOUR PICS to !!!  We’ve already received tons and want to make a post with all your photos and creative variations!  Check out what these Wrapunzel ladies have already done!

9 thoughts on “The Liezl Tutorial! With TONS of Variations!

  1. Donna H.

    THIS is fabulous! I have been waiting for this tut, but the big bonus for me was the asymmetrical placement of the scarves. I have never, ever been able to make my braids long enough. I am thankful for the wonderful Wrapunzel ladies sharing their creativity and Andrea for demonstrating!


  2. Julia Littenberg

    You should use her original video. This defeats the purpose. If she made the style then her video should be featured.


  3. nicole

    First of all, Love the video! Can’t wait for my 2 in 1s to get here to try it!
    But you do realize you’ve probably got most of us “older” mum’s going “awwwwwww” at the sounds your baby is making, right?


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