Naomi Rose: Bronze and Turquoise


Hi everybody!

I feel like it’s been AGES since I’ve made an outfit post, so I’m overdue!
Lately I’ve been inspired by combinations of a metallic tone (gold, silver, bronze) and a jewel tone (green, turquoise, dark red, purple, etc.). It reminds me of a gem in a setting, and I’ve found that almost ANY combination of colors from these two categories looks fantastic!

Today I wore a bronze Shiny-licious, with a teal and turquoise 2in1 tied in a Liezl, one of my favorite fancy ties. When I wear three or more colors I often stay pretty match-y so I paired the tichel with similar flowy stretchy clothes (my skirt was brown, even though it looks super dark in the photo for some reason!).


Lately I do most of my Wrapunzel work from my home or my fave coffee shop, so one thing you will NOT often see is me this dressed up at 8am on a Monday! But this morning was my friend Talya’s bris for her new baby boy, and it’s a gorgeous chilly morning with nice fat snowflakes falling, so it was just the time for a special wrap.

Have you tried a jewel tone + metallic tone wrap? Give it a go, I bet you’ll love it as much as I do!


9 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: Bronze and Turquoise

  1. Wow. You look amazing! And that Liezl variation with the tails hanging down is awesome!

    I love all kinds of jewel tones with gold or bronze. They are among the best combinations of colours there are for me. Dark green, dark red, turquoise, warm shades of purple – they all look even more flattering with gold or bronze.
    With silver though, I have to be careful. IF I wear silver, it HAS to be with jewel tones. A silver pin or a bit of silver sparkle, as in some of the Shinylicious colours, is okay, for example, with a warm, dark colour close to my face (while it would be enough to make me look weird in combination with black or with lighter colours). But it’s really the combinations of forest green, dark red, warm purple or turqouise with bronze or gold tones that make me look and feel my best.


    1. Ya'el

      These colours sound fabulous together and I love the ‘jewel’ tones as descriptors.
      Colours are so important. I recently started a new job (Im only in my third week). It normally only takes a few minutes to ‘wrap’ – but for some reason I just kept getting it ‘wrong’. I tried 4 completely different combinations – all ones I’d done before and had worked well. I was totally stumped this had never happened before. Then finally, exasperated and now late for work, I threw on a plain black one and suddenly it worked! I realised the colours were not wrong or my techniques suddenly failing me – it was ‘where’ I was going (work). Work = conservative = dark colours!


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