Naomi Rose: Making Friends :)

You never know who you’ll meet when wearing a tichel…


We went horseback riding for chol hamoed Pesach (the intermediate days of Passover), a time of year when lots of Jewish families like to go out and have adventures in the beautiful spring weather! This is Copper, the horse I rode – he was saved from a tough life and irresponsible owners by a rescue organization, and now he enjoys more pleasant days of toting newbies like me around. 🙂


I wore a simple single-scarf wrap (this is the purple Peek o’ Spring), and the new Wrapunzel Signature Shaper – it’s a little more moderate-sized volumizer than the one I usually wear, so it squished down easily for me to fit a riding helmet over it. No safety compromises here!!!

What fun and crazy adventures have you had lately while wrapping?


Naomi Rose

3 thoughts on “Naomi Rose: Making Friends :)

  1. Dianne H. Plourde

    Hello …. as a former horseback rider …. and presently one who only wears skirts, etc. (wore pants years ago) …. I would love to know how you rode in the saddle with a skirt. Was it very ‘full’ and roomy? Or did you ride side-saddle? You look lovely, by the way. :o)


      1. Dianne H. Plourde

        Good idea. Whenever I get to visit my relative in VT who owns horses, I will try that, too. :o) Thank you!


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