Naomi Rose: Half Zig-Zag Tutorial!!


One of Wrapunzel’s first TRULY viral tutorials was the infamous Zig Zag Criss Cross.

It’s still one of our most popular wraps, but it takes some time and patience, and it doesn’t have any dangling tails. I love the effect, but sometimes I’m looking for something quicker, and so I came up with an alternative!

The wrap I’m wearing below is one of the product photos from the Carousel, a super-fun scarf from our 2015 spring line. It preserves the zig-zag effect of the original Zig-Zag Criss Cross, but it’s NOT the same – in fact, it’s much easier!!! You can see another version of it in the Flowering Desert photos. We had a ton of emails asking how to do this wrap!!


You ask, we answer! Without any further ado, here’s how to do the Half Zig-Zag! Enjoy!!!


Naomi Rose


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