Tamar Adina: A Wrapunzel Challenge!

Hey everybody!

Do you have a favorite photography spot in your house? I typically take tichel photos of myself in my hallway (see below). Why? Well, the natural light is fairly decent and the hallway is usually much cleaner than my bathroom or my vanity.


Trust me. There’s no comparison between that clean, white photo background and the mess currently heaped onto my dresser.

And while many people go outside to take their tichel photos, I live in an area that has spent much of the last few months at frigid temperatures. If I happen to be outside and someone snaps my picture that’s one thing, but I don’t usually voluntarily do a selfie outside.

But, on a blog that I follow, readers were challenged to take a picture of themselves that stepped out of their typical “dalet amos” (an expression referring to someone’s usual habitat) and to take a picture near a city hotspot. The exercise was meant to reinforce pride in our individual communities, to foster feelings of belonging, and to help spread awareness.

And I thought that this would be an excellent idea to bring to Wrapunzel. On our Fangroup, posters sometimes lament their feelings of isolation from being the only one (or two) individuals in a particular community to wear tichels. I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself when I say that those types of emotions can drive a wedge between ourselves and our hometowns.

So let’s bridge that personal gap between our online community and our fantastic Real Life ones. What’s amazing about your city? What iconic area are you proud to have worn a tichel to?

Personally, I wore a tichel to the pier and in the background, I give you the Chicago skyline:

skyline and tichel 2

Signing off from The Windy City,

Tamar Adina

6 thoughts on “Tamar Adina: A Wrapunzel Challenge!

  1. great idea. I have worn my tichel everywhere in town, while I am doing chemo. I live in the boonies so I am the only one to wear one. I get a lot of looks but everyone that has made a comment has loved the look!


  2. Elaine

    Great idea! I did one by a tree in our complex on Good Friday & posted it (& there were still patches of snow about). We live 1/2 a block from a man-made, but beautiful lake. I should go over there with my hubby & his professional camera & get him to take some pictures on a day when we decide to take a real break. The city is dotted with man-made lakes to assist with drainage This one is the nicest I’ve seen so far with decorative trees, plants, and walking/cycling trails all around. Most of the man-made ‘lakes’ I’ve seen are very small & not really landscaped. One cannot swim, wade, or fish out of them because of the pollution that comes into them through the drainage system from roads, etc.


  3. Rochel Black

    I just joined the FB group and am receiving your blog. Was very inspired by the photo at the top of the blog and wanted to know how to do that wrap?
    Many thanks,
    Rochel Black


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