Wrapunzelistas Do the “Liezl”!!!!!

WOW, what a wrap this is! Check out the gorgeous colors, creative combinations, and amazing technique from all the ladies who tried the “Liezl” wrap! Click on the photos to view them in a bigger size. You can find the tutorial here. (P.S. The first three photos are of Liezl herself!!!)

We’re so blown away by the skill and ingenuity in these photos – amazing job, guys! But most of all – look at all the glowing faces! Same wrap – but different shapes, sizes, colors, smiles! We love the unity that Liezl’s wrap created. Rock on! (Got a last-minute submission? If you have an awesome photo of yourself wearing this wrap, feel free to send it – we’ll do our best to add you in!)

4 thoughts on “Wrapunzelistas Do the “Liezl”!!!!!

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