A Beautiful Article About Yours Truly

I am so moved by this beautiful article written about my story and the Wrapunzelution!   This is from a paper in Lakewood NJ (Lakewood Shopper).  Thank you Fradl for putting that which is so hard to talk about into words!

Here is the link to the online pdf: http://www.flipdocs.com/showbook.aspx?ID=10006519_399847&P=84

(Click on the first photo to see the gallery and read the article, you may want to zoom in on your screen.)

10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Article About Yours Truly

  1. Adina

    Thank you for your openness and allowing us to get to know the real ‘you’ beneath your beautiful scarves. I so related to your BT ‘journey’ story – a lot of what you shared resonated with me and echoes my journey in many ways. We in Baltimore are so gratified that you have chosen to launch ur Wrapunzel revolution here and to have you, such a radiant, nurturing ‘Wrap Star,’ living in our midst.

    Hatzlacha with e/th!

    (Pls don’t publish my name/email. Note that previous commenter’s email IS published.)


  2. Dianne H. Plourde

    Loved this story of your life so much. I am not Jewish, but related in my own search within Christianity. Thank you for your lovely website, also.


  3. jodi

    thanks so much for sharing,i love the idea ambassadors in other countries,id love to be involved in that.and thanks so much for blessing us all with your beauty and scarves.


  4. rachelli

    andrea, you are an amazing young woman. may you go m’chayil el chayil, from strength to strength, and continue to teach in your fun and charming way about covering hair! hatzlocha in all you do!


  5. Laurel

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting this article. It singlehandedly filled in the gaps we, your readers, may have been curious about. Great that a Lakewood publication posted it, but it’s worthy of a national-level publication as well. (Perhaps the author will shop it around!)


  6. Elaine

    Dear Andrea,

    Wow! Your story is amazing! I relate to you and your story in several ways, although I am a Christian of the Catholic variety. I’ve always wanted to go deeper in my faith, and I’ve always seen Jews as close relatives since I am told that there are many similarities in the way we do liturgy, and that Christianity started as a movement of Jewish people following Yeshua as their Rabbi and then accepting him as Meshiach. It is considered generally a good thing for us to celebrate Jewish holidays, but there is no real guidance on how to do so. I remember for a few years, our church in Vancouver had a Passover Seder, which was really neat. When my son was small, I was given the opportunity to minister in music to our parish’s RCIA class (for those inquiring into Catholicism & many on the way to becoming Catholic Christians). I learned so much, but also learned that there is so much more to learn. The program is meant to complete in 3 years, but had been condensed and edited down to a 1 year program. I have been in music ministry since I was 14 years old – primarily as a vocalist. I also took Choral Arts in High School. I soon was motivated to learn how to play the guitar in order to accompany singers so that we would have music ministry year-round. I later started playing the tambourine and maracas. I love singing, and enjoy following the advice of St. Augustine who said that s/he who sings, prays twice.

    I have been drawn to covering my head for some time, and over the last few months (since finding your videos & the Wrapunzel site) I find myself wearing a tichel out more often than not. I wanted a way of covering my head that was different from the Muslim hijab. There are lots of Muslims living here in Edmonton – mostly from Lebanon and Somalia. Some Muslim women do not cover; most cover with hijabs; and there are a few women here who wear the niqab (covering face & sometimes even hands too). I’m pleasantly surprised that I don’t get awkward looks from people. Usually if anything is said at all, people say, “I love your headdress / scarf” and sometimes, “How did you do that?”. I think our pastor is trying to figure me out, though. I saw him looking at me at Ash Wednesday Mass last night.

    I love your videos where you talk about yourself, your music, and your philosophy all tied into your faith. I love getting to know you. I feel in many ways a kindred spirit. Our outlook seems very similar, but my life right now is rather messy and overwhelming much of the time.

    One request, though. Would you start a glossary for the Hebrew & Yiddish words that come up in articles such as this one, and on the site(s) in general? It seems that I’m missing some important key points because I don’t know the word/expression used.



  7. Shani

    amazing article. Kol hakavod!! You really created a revolution, and it is AWESOME. May G-d grant you continued success!


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